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Dos and don’ts of tooth extraction

Feeling nervous about tooth extraction is only natural. Fortunately, tooth extraction can be a painless and complication-free experience if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Smart strategies for filling holes in your schedule

Many dental practices struggle at one point or another with a less than full schedule. Whether it’s cancellations, no-shows, a lack of new patients or a low treatment acceptance rate, an empty chair during prime business hours can impact your financial wellbeing. Here are a few simple strategies you can implement today to fill gaps […]

Dental hygiene during pregnancy

Along with the visible changes to your body during pregnancy, less obvious transformations are taking place behind the scenes. Shifts in your hormone levels can leave your mouth open to bacterial attack, requiring extra attention to oral hygiene. Just a few small changes to your dental hygiene habits can keep your teeth (and your baby’s) […]

Magnification headlight buying guide

Modern dental loupes leave you wondering how dentists managed prior to lighted magnification. From diagnosing minute fractures to detecting tiny issues with a crown, magnification headlights provide a better visual and improve results. But with so many options available on the market, how can you know which dental loupes are right for you?

Thoughts on the Amabrush

The dental community has been buzzing about the Amabrush lately, and rightfully so. Described as the “world’s finest automatic toothbrush” the new tool is definitely worth discussing. We won’t spend too much time here talking about the mechanics (you can get more information at, but we would like to share its potential role in […]

Common questions about bone grafts

Bone grafting is something that most patients have never heard of until they need one. While it might sound quite intense, it’s usually a very simple surgery. Here are some of the common questions patients have about the procedure.

Leadership skills dentists need

Trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for disaster. Burnout, stagnant growth and high staff turnover can result from lack of professional development. If you don’t learn to lead, you can soon learn to hate running your own show. Here are four leaderships skills you can work on today to help lighten your load […]

What to Expect When Expecting (..A Bone Graft)

Need a dental implant but don’t have sufficient jaw bone? Dental implants are the most effective option when it comes to replacing a tooth. However, if in order to successfully get an implant, you need to have an adequate amount of jawbone. If you don’t, then you will need a bone graft before getting the […]

When a patient has a cracked tooth

Cracked teeth can be tricky. They’re not always symptomatic, or might bother patients significantly some days and other days not at all. Though it’s easier for patients to accept treatment when they’re in pain, convincing them while their pain is manageable or non-existent can be harder. Here are some ideas to help educate patients on […]