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Six things to avoid after oral surgery

Speed up your postop recovery time by avoiding these problem areas. 1. Do not apply heat directly to your face Some patients make the mistake of applying both heat and ice to aid healing and alleviate discomfort following oral surgery. After your procedure, you should be using ice only, applied in intervals of 15 minutes […]

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is a category of dental surgery that deals with treating the structures that support and surround the base of the tooth, including the gums, bone and mucous lining of the mouth. Who needs periodontal surgery? Periodontal surgery may be necessary or recommended for both clinical and esthetic reasons. When gum tissue covers too […]

Trends in social media marketing

Keeping up with social media marketing trends for your dental practice can be a challenge. With digital marketing growing faster every year, how can you stay ahead of the curve? Here are a few current trends worth noting as you map out your social media strategy. Shorter, simpler content While there is still space in […]

How to reinvent your practice floor plan

Whether you’re planning a brand-new build out, renovating a newly-leased space, or bringing your practice into the 21st century, designing a floor plan that enhances the patient experience is a great way to differentiate your practice. Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when mapping out a layout. Not like […]

Restoring oral function after facial trauma

From auto accidents to sporting mishaps, facial trauma can happen when you least expect it. Injuries can damage bone, muscles, tendons, gums and other soft tissue of the face, potentially leading to a compromise of oral function. If you or a loved one has suffered facial trauma, here are some steps you need to take […]

Wisdom teeth and the risk of gum disease

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, your dentist or oral surgeon may recommend extraction as the best long-term treatment option. This is due, in part, to the role impacted wisdom teeth play in gum disease. Even if your impacted wisdom teeth are not bothering you, extracting them as a precautionary measure is often your safest […]

Improving the patient experience for kids

When children are relaxed, dentistry can be fast and easy. Here are some simple ideas to improve the patient experience for kids at your practice and help avoid the difficulty of dealing with an uncooperative pediatric patient. Don’t underestimate the power of distraction Try installing a television in the operatory and playing children’s programming. Distracting […]

Strategies for managing dental anxiety

Helping patients manage dental anxiety doesn’t just improve the oral health and lives of your patients. It makes your life a whole lot easier, too. Here are some simple strategies for helping patients be relaxed and comfortable in your waiting room and operatory. Use hand signals A common factor leading to dental anxiety is the […]