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Things you might experience after wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is a routine treatment performed on millions of people every year without incident, but as with any surgical procedure, there is a healing process. To help you understand what is normal and what might be a cause for concern, here are a few things you might experience after your surgery. Swelling Postop […]

Bone grafting basics

The loss of bone tissue in the jaw is an obstacle faced by some patients looking to get dental implants. In many cases, the solution to this problem is to add new bone growth through bone grafting treatment. Understanding bone loss The most common causes of bone loss in the jaw include: Tooth loss: Your […]

5 practice productivity hacks

Working to boost productivity at your practice is a never-ending quest. Here are five ideas to give productivity a jumpstart. 1.   Tighten up wait times Tweak your systems to shorten wait times, make sure front office staff give each patient an estimated wait time to set expectations. 2.   Online patient scheduling The benefits of online […]

Is your website accessible?

As a dentist who serves the general public, your website should be optimized to be user-friendly for as many audiences as possible and designed to keep you in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). While the ADA does not set out specific guidelines for what does or does not constitute an accessible website. […]