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Dos and don’ts following wisdom tooth extraction

To best reduce discomfort and avoid complications following wisdom tooth extraction, here’s a simple list of dos and don’ts for wisdom tooth extraction aftercare. Do use the gauze provided The blood clots that form immediately after your surgery are important to the rest of your healing process. It’s important to take the opportunity to slow […]

Common issues caused by impacted wisdom teeth

When your third molars (wisdom teeth) don’t have enough room in your jaw to emerge, they can become stuck in place, either partially through or fully below the gumline and thus called “impacted”. This condition can lead to a number of oral health concerns. Here are the most common issues caused by impacted wisdom teeth. […]

Why you need an oral cancer screening

As with any other type of cancer, early detection of oral cancer is very important. In this post, we’ll cover the symptoms and risk factors you should look out for. Oral cancer fast facts Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer Men are twice as likely to get oral cancer than women Over 50,000 […]

Avoiding the most common causes of facial trauma

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, around three million Americans undergo treatment each year for maxillofacial (facial) trauma. Facial trauma includes any physical trauma to the face that causes damage to soft tissues, teeth or bones. Understanding the most common causes of facial trauma can help you avoid these situations and […]

Signs of impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are third molars that are unable to break through the gumline and grow into place due to the size of your jaw or the angle of the tooth. If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to potentially serious oral health issues, including damage to your other teeth, infection and severe discomfort. […]

When do you need an oral surgeon?

Dentists and oral surgeons are both highly-trained medical professionals who help you achieve better oral health care—but how do you know when you need to see an oral surgeon instead of your dentist? Oral surgeons receive more specialized training Oral surgeons undergo significant additional schooling, training and residency practice above and beyond the requirements of […]

Should you implement “no show” fees?

Deciding whether “no show” fees are right for your practice can be a difficult decision. On one hand, you could potentially lose patients who are unhappy with the policy. On the other hand, too many no shows can have a real impact on production. There is no one right or wrong answer. Every practice’s situation […]

Thinking of mentoring a dental student?

Giving back through mentorship is a great way to share your experience with the next generation of dentists. A successful mentoring relationship can have a significant impact on a young dentist’s career and be a rewarding experience for you, too. Mentorship is also a fantastic way to develop people management skills if you run a […]

Ideas for providing great customer service to your patients

Imagining your patients as customers is a valuable mental exercise that can help you visualize and then improve the patient experience at your practice. Here are some strategies for keeping your “customers” happy. Cut the wait While patients may be accustomed to spending a little time in your waiting room, streamlining your system will be […]

Tips for starting your own blog

You may be interested in blogging as a way to connect with your patients but you may not know how to get started. Here are a few pointers. Don’t overthink the name Coming up with a clever name isn’t going to affect the quality of your content. If you don’t have a name in mind, […]