5 Technologies You Should Have in Your Dental Office

Medicine and Technology

The world of medicine is constantly changing. These changes are due to the development and implementation of ground-breaking technologies that are focused on making the lives of healthcare professionals and their patients easier, safer and all around healthier. Not only is technology changing the world of medicine, but patients are changing it as well. Patients are becoming more and more health-conscious, technology savvy and impatient, prompting medical professionals to make some modifications to their practices.

The field of dentistry is no exception to these changes. Technology and patients have always been important pillars of all dentistry practice, so it’s important to have the most up-to date and useful products in your office. That way you’ll keep your patients happy, healthy and coming back for future procedures (and, not to mention, it will make your job easier!)

Here are 5 new dental technologies to take note of for your office if you haven’t already:

  1. 3MTM True Definition Scanner

    If you’re looking for a way to enhance accuracy, ease of use, flexibility, and control in your dental office than you might want to look into the 3MTM True Definition Scanner. This system’s digital impression files can be used with any system that accepts Standard Tessellation Language (STL) files. Another perk to having this scanner in the office is that it provides seamless integrations to a broad range of CAD, digital implants, and orthodontic appliance workflows.

  2. Aquasil Ultra Cordless

    The Aquasil Ultra Cordless allows you to save time and still get detailed results when taking tissue impressions. Instead of using pastes or pack cords, this technology offers a faster, simpler, and more predictable method for making impressions. You just have to prep the area, place the sulcus and capture the impressions with a tray. The whole process takes 3-4.5 minutes leaving you patient happy and leaving you with more time.

  3. DentiMax

    As medicine professionals, we always want the best technology for our offices and ultimately our patients. If you want the best X-ray images in the industry you should look into DentiMax. Not only does DentiMax takes the clearest dental X-ray images compared to any other product, but also has the thinnest design on the market as well. This technology is also easy to integrate into your office as it bridges to viutally all practice management software systems, including Dentrix, Eagelsoft, Practice Works, Easy Dental, and Softdent.

  4. VoiceWorks

    As we mentioned before, having the “best” of something in the industry is a positive because not only does it make your job as a medical professional easier, but it also attracts the attention of current and potential clients. VoiceWorks is the fasted voice-controlled perio-charting system ever created. This technology allows you to chart a full periodontal exam without an assistant and even works in noisy dental environments! Check out the video demonstration.

  5. Ghost Manufacturing’s Multi-Axis Spiral Suction

    M.A.S.S. is the first and only HVE that prevents tissue draw-in, eliminates backflow, and allows for continuous suction even if the end is blocked. The angled barrel wall of this technology allows for a clear field of view and ergonomic hand positioning. Another feature your patients will love is that the rounded tip prevents possible tissue trauma and that uncomfortable feeling that comes with most HVE’s.

While technologies and patients are always changing, they will always be integral parts to the field of dentistry, and we are always looking for the latest technology advances to share with you.

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