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Are implants a good long-term choice?

If you’re missing one or more teeth and looking for a replacement solution, there are a few treatment options, each with its own set of pros and cons. If your primary motivation is to find a long-term answer, dental implants may be the clear winner–here’s why.

Implants may have a longer lifespan

Whereas a bridge may be a good solution for a missing tooth, it relies on the longevity of adjacent teeth. Implants do not require adjacent teeth to support them and as long as they are being maintained may last forever.

Day-to-day convenience

Dentures require nightly soaking. Bridges can be prone to getting food stuck under the crown and your gums require a special type of flossing. However, dental implants are as easy to care for as your natural teeth and only require normal flossing and regular cleanings.

A natural look

Advancements in technology mean today’s dental crowns look more like your natural teeth than ever, and because your crown is fixed in place with an artificial root, it’s designed to not move or fall out of place. Your smile will be as good as new and nobody will know you were ever missing a tooth.

Prevent bone loss

Dental implants stimulate new tissue growth in your jawbone to prevent bone deterioration. Significant bone loss can lead to the loss of additional teeth and even change the look of your facial structure.

Fewer food restrictions

Implants give you a stronger bite force than other treatment options, which means you can eat normal food items, without the constant worry of having your dentures come out of place or breaking a tooth.

Better for your healthy teeth

When you have a gap in your upper or lower arch of teeth, the other teeth in that arch can slowly shift over time. Called drifting, this movement of your teeth can present a problem for your healthy teeth with the potential for gaps between teeth to form and even future tooth loss. Additionally, no healthy teeth are damaged when installing your new crown. This is very different from a bridge, that requires adjacent teeth be ground down to fix and support your prosthesis.

Long-term success

Dental implants boast a very high long-term success rate. Implants are a good choice in the long run because that’s what they’re designed to do, fix your missing tooth once and for all.