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Can all my wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time?

There are several reasons why your dentist may suggest the removal of your wisdom teeth. You may not have room in your mouth for another row of molars or you could be experiencing discomfort. Wisdom teeth can become impacted and stuck under the gumline, which can damage your other teeth or lead to infection. Some patients simply prefer to extract their wisdom teeth as a preventative measure.

Whatever the reason, you probably have lots of questions about wisdom tooth extraction. We’ll answer one of the common ones in this post: Can all my wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time?

In most cases, yes you can

While there are always exceptions in oral surgery, most patients can have all of their wisdom teeth removed during the same appointment.

Four advantages to having all your wisdom teeth extracted at once

  • Save money: There are costs that you will only need to pay once if you have all your wisdom teeth taken out during the same surgery.
  • Easier recovery: One surgery also means that you only have to go through the recovery process once.
  • Less discomfort: You’ll also spend far fewer days dealing with soreness.
  • More convenient: Think of the work that goes into setting up your life for an oral surgery. You’ll only have to take time off work, prepare soft foods and come into the office for appointments once.

What if only one wisdom tooth is causing me problems?

If only one of your wisdom teeth needs to be removed right now and the others are not yet causing any issues, you can certainly choose to only have the problem tooth extracted. As the patient, you will ultimately make the final decision regarding your oral health.

It’s a good idea to see your local oral surgeon for a full evaluation of all your wisdom teeth and not wait to be in pain. Pain can sometimes be a lagging indicator that problems exist with your wisdom teeth.

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