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Grow your practice with teledentistry

Teledentistry rose in popularity during the pandemic and it looks like virtual appointments are here to stay. Teledentistry offers benefits to patients and doctors alike, even when you’re not doing it for social distancing.

Get more out of in-person visits

Teledentistry provides a quick way to touch base with your patients and determine whether an in-person appointment is necessary. Solving smaller concerns remotely saves your patients time while freeing up chair time for more involved treatments. For patients that do need to come in for an in-person examination, you’ll be able to schedule a shorter appointment since you will have had time to prepare in advance.

Meet and greet

When patients look for a new dentist, it’s often just as much about finding the right personality match as it is touring the practice, comparing prices or checking availability of services. Offering a free “televisit” for prospective patients gives patients a chance to get to know you and see if you’re a good fit. You can include a quick office walkthrough with a member of your team to showcase the features of your practice.

Expand your service area

Dental practice marketing is generally limited by the distance between your office and a patient’s home. Teledentistry removes this barrier and makes it possible to provide basic consultations to anyone, anywhere, or to serve patients who live close enough to your practice to make the drive when necessary but far enough away that they would rather do checkups virtually.

Oral health promotion

Teledentistry can be used to enhance patient education across a wide range of oral health concerns. From helping a patient to learn how to properly use a new piece of equipment to sharing new oral health news with patients that can benefit from the information.

Treating patients with special concerns

From patients with mobility issues to patients who have moved away but want to stay with you as their dentist, the possibilities for growing your practice virtually are extensive and only going to increase as the technology improves.

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