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Preparing for your oral surgery consultation

If you’ve never been to an oral surgeon before, you might be nervous about your initial consultation. To help you be better prepared and more relaxed for your appointment, follow these simple steps.

Be ready to explain your situation

Even when the reason for your visit to the oral surgeon is clear, the doctor will still want to discuss your unique situation. This means talking about all your symptoms and what you hope to achieve as an outcome from the surgery. Your surgeon will ask you questions about your dental/medical history and will also need a list of all the prescription and over-the-counter medications you are currently taking.

Jot down a list of questions

Write down all the questions you have for your doctor in a notebook or on a sheet of paper. You may want to bring a pen the day of your consultation so that you can write down the answers next to each question as you ask them. A lot of information is shared during an initial consultation and it can be difficult to remember it all.

Prepare yourself for a dental exam

During your consultation, you can expect to receive a full dental exam, even if you were referred by your dentist and have already been diagnosed. Your surgeon may use dental imagery equipment to get a better look at the structures of your teeth and bone, including measurements for certain procedures such as dental implants. Don’t be afraid to express your concerns and ask for clarification for anything you don’t understand.