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Reasons to extract wisdom teeth when you’re younger

A smiling young man

Having your wisdom teeth removed in your teens or early twenties is something to consider. There are considerable benefits to not waiting for the procedure.

Wisdom tooth extraction is more difficult later in life

The older you get, the more established the roots of your teeth become. This means that the sooner you have a tooth removed, the easier the extraction will be.

Heal and recover faster

Younger patients tend to bounce back more quickly from wisdom tooth extraction. On average, patients who have their wisdom teeth removed before the age of 25 will experience an easier surgery with fewer complications.

Avoid discomfort

Your wisdom teeth may not be bothering you now, but when they begin to erupt:

  • The pressure of new teeth coming in can cause discomfort
  • Full or partial impaction can lead to tooth decay or infections
  • Erupting teeth can cause swelling and soreness

Reduce the risk of gum disease

Wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean. So, even if you do have room in your mouth to allow your third molars to grow in, you may be at risk of bacterial growth, which leads to tooth decay.

Prevent issues arising from impacted wisdom teeth

The majority of all Americans have their wisdom teeth removed. Impacted wisdom teeth can attribute to permanent damage to nearby teeth as well as cause infection. The rationale for removing wisdom teeth is to prevent these permanent issues from arising.

Talking to an oral surgeon is a great way to discuss the pros and cons of early wisdom tooth removal. Your doctor can take x-rays of your jawbone to see if you have room in your mouth for more teeth and then discuss your options moving forward.