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Reasons to replace missing molars

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When you lose a front tooth that is clearly visible in your smile, the reasons for getting a dental implant are fairly clear. But what about teeth in the back of your mouth? Do you need to replace missing molars when nobody can see the gap in your teeth? The answer is yes–and here’s why.

Back molars are vital for oral function

Molars are designed to crush and chew food into easily swallowable and digestible pieces. If you are missing one or more of these important grinding teeth, you may not be able to chew your food properly.

Prevent the drifting of other teeth

You may think that once you are an adult your teeth become permanently fixed in place. In truth, your teeth can move or drift out of place over time, if given the opportunity. When you lose a tooth, your remaining teeth can slowly gravitate towards the gap. This can lead to oral health concerns over time, including a problematic bite, gaps forming between other teeth, and the potential for additional tooth loss.

Stimulate new bone growth

New bone tissue growth is stimulated in the jaw by the natural force chewing creates on the roots of your teeth. When the roots are missing, the jaw no longer receives the signal to grow new bone. This leads to bone deterioration.

The best time to replace a missing molar

Just like any other missing tooth, the best time to replace a missing molar is as soon as you lose the tooth. Don’t postpone treatment because it doesn’t impact your appearance. Replacing missing molars is necessary for protecting both your oral function and long-term health.

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