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Should I go to an oral surgeon for my dental implant?

If you’re missing one or more teeth and are interested in getting dental implants, you might be wondering where to go. While general dentists will sometimes offer implant placement in the office, you’ll often be referred to an oral surgeon with specialized experience and training.

Cases where a general dentist can be a good choice for dental implants

For simple dental implant placements where the tooth has only been missing for a short time and the patient’s bone tissue and oral health are in good condition, a general dentist with the appropriate training and experience may be capable of placing your implant.

The benefits of specialization

The additional training and experience oral surgeons have with implants may provide benefits, including:

  • Surgery may require less time
  • The procedure is more likely to achieve optimal results
  • A lower risk of complications
  • Potential for less postop discomfort and an easier recovery

If additional procedures are needed

If you’ve been missing your tooth or teeth for quite some time and/or need structural help to prepare the bone, you will likely be referred to an oral surgeon.

Facial trauma

When teeth are expulsed due to facial trauma, it’s best to visit an oral surgeon. A force strong enough to knock out a tooth has the potential to cause other damage to facial bone structures. An oral surgeon has experience in detecting fractures and related issues.

Severe bone loss

In the event of significant jawbone deterioration, an oral surgeon will have greater knowledge and experience to both confirm whether your jaw is healthy enough to support an implant and treat the condition successfully if it’s not.