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Six things you may not know about dental implants

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You probably already know that implants are the best, long-term solution for replacing one or more missing teeth but here are six facts about implants you might not know.

1. Implants have one of the highest success rates

More than 98% of dental implant patients experience a positive outcome.

2. No cavities in implants

You do need to brush and floss your new teeth as part of your oral health routine, just like your natural teeth. But you don’t need to worry about your crowns developing cavities!

3. Titanium implants don’t affect your taste

Some patients are concerned that dental implants will leave a metallic taste in their mouths but the truth is they don’t taste like anything at all. Titanium is 100% non-corrosive and the prosthetic crown that serves as your new tooth will feel, look and taste just like your natural teeth.

4. For some, implants may improve the look of their face

Missing teeth have the potential to cause sunken cheeks and changes to the shape, volume and contours of your face and chin. In this case, implants can lead to an improvement in how you look.

5. No, the airport metal detector won’t go off

Titanium is non-magnetic, so your implants will not set off the alarm when you’re heading through airport security.

6. Dental implants can sometimes improve your sense of smell

If you’ve been struggling with diseased teeth and gums for years, the constant presence of bacteria in your mouth can affect your sense of smell. Replacing diseased teeth and resolving gum disease can reverse this phenomenon and improve your sense of smell.

To learn more about dental implants and to find out if the treatment is right for you, schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon.

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