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The benefits of cosmetic facial surgery

Most patients experience significant psychological benefits from cosmetic facial surgery.

Being happy with the way we look matters, so it stands to reason that correcting a feature that causes a patient frustration will naturally lead to improved self-esteem.

The benefits of opting for cosmetic surgery extend far beyond basic vanity.

Greater confidence can lead to fuller, more productive lives.

The personal nature of the choice

There are three primary reasons why patients choose to undergo cosmetic facial surgery:

  1. Correct a birth defect, deformity or accident-caused abnormality
  2. Change a feature the patient never liked
  3. Improve overall appearance

Determining whether your reason is sufficient is up to you. No one surgery is more or less valid than another as each person’s decision is a personal one. If you believe that an aesthetic improvement in your look will make you happier, it is irrelevant what others think.

Setting expectations

Patients who report the highest levels of postop satisfaction are those who best comprehend that the goal of cosmetic surgery is to strive for an improvement and not to work miracles.

While the possibilities of facial contouring are fairly endless, there are still limits to how much a surgeon can alter the way you look.

Setting realistic expectations is the surest bet for avoiding disappointment and reaping the greatest long-term benefits.

Improved mental health

While cosmetic facial surgery is far from a fix-all solution for your life, many patients experience high levels of anxiety based solely on how they look. Such anxiety can lead to the prescription of antidepressant drugs.

A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that approximately 1/3 of patients taking antidepressants prior to surgery saw their mood improve so greatly that they were able to come off the medication within just six months.

Motivation to improve

Newfound self-esteem can create a domino effect on the rest of your well-being. Patients who discover they are now happy with their look are more likely to undertake smart eating and exercise habits.