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The importance of board certification

Physicians, dentists, oral surgeons and similar health care professionals all require a license to practice.

While a medical license proves competence in diagnosing and treating patients, it does not document  expertise in a medical specialty. This is the role of board certification and it’s important to check when you are looking for an oral surgeon.

What is the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

As the certifying board for the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery, ABOMS manages a process of testing and peer evaluation to demonstrate that certified members are dedicated to lifelong learning.

Known as a diplomate, a board-certified oral surgeon can be trusted to be up to date on the latest advances in medical science and technologies in their field. Every diplomate has voluntarily undergone a demanding examination to prove their commitment to providing exceptional care.

Safety first

Part of the certification process involves placing a heightened importance on patient safety. Choosing a board-certified oral surgeon for dental implants will decrease your risk of complications or unwanted side-effects.

A patient-centric approach

Similarly, ABOMS promotes a style of care which emphasizes the full patient experience, beyond purely clinical success. Working with a professional who values your comfort and well-being in addition to providing great care creates a more pleasant treatment environment.

Ongoing education

Continuing medical education is vital for staying on top of new techniques, technologies and equipment. Board-certified oral surgeons participate in lifelong learning through:

  • Conferences, seminars and events
  • Peer review
  • Live webinars and on-demand continuing education modules
  • Publication in professional journals

It’s a matter of trust

Board certification matters because your oral health and the quality of care you and your family receive matters. Trust your mouth to an oral surgeon who has voluntarily submitted to additional certification in order to hone their craft and win the confidence of their patients.

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