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Tips for starting your own blog

You may be interested in blogging as a way to connect with your patients but you may not know how to get started. Here are a few pointers.

Don’t overthink the name

Coming up with a clever name isn’t going to affect the quality of your content. If you don’t have a name in mind, just go with “Your Practice Name Blog.” Don’t let this non-issue be a roadblock to getting started.

Choose a platform that’s easy for you to use

While many practices use the same software for their blog as their website, you don’t need to do this if it makes it more difficult for you to post new content. Find a content management system you like and that feels intuitive to you. If it’s not the same one used for your website, just join the two sites together with a link.

Write about things you care about

Don’t worry about choosing the perfect pieces to get the ball rolling. Start by writing articles that get you fired up. Writing about things you care about is easy, and your passion for the subject matter will come through in your writing.

Slow and steady wins the race

It can be daunting to click through a competitor’s blog and see dozens of articles. But just like you, they started with one. Don’t fixate on preparing a bunch of content prior to launch. Simply start small and stay diligent about adding new posts at a reasonable rate.

Imitate your favorite bloggers

Becoming a better writer starts with spending more time reading others’ posts. Choose a few of the bloggers you really like and then jot down what you enjoy about their style. Take note of their tone, post length, formatting, subject matter and the types of photos they use.

Leverage social media, email and newsletters to get your blog in front of patients

If you write content that resonates with current patients, these same articles are more likely to attract the right kind of new patients for your practice culture. Whenever you post something new, be sure to use social media and your practice newsletter to promote the piece.

Make time to write

Decide up front how often you’d like to upload a new post so that you’re not overwhelmed. Once a month is a good cadence but even once every two months will do.

Try getting other team members involved in the writing process. From the office manager to the hygienist, everyone in your practice will have a unique take on dentistry that your patients may find interesting, useful or just entertaining.