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What are facial implants made of?

A growing trend in cosmetic surgery is the insertion of facial implants to enhance the patient’s appearance. Facial implants can be used on the upper face, cheek, nose and lips, chin or jaw.

Naturally, one of the primary concerns of patients considering implant treatment is what the implants are made of.

While a wide variety of materials can be used to manufacture implants, in most cases in modern facial implant surgery they are made with porous polyethylene. Implants meant to display the same properties as bone will naturally be harder and more rigid that implants designed to feel and flex more like cartilage.

The role of porous polyethylene

Porous polyethylene was first developed in the 1970s. A type of medical grade thermoplastic, porous polyethylene is able to interact and even connect with the patient’s natural body tissue. An added benefit of porous polyethylene is that it is easy to modify and can be fabricated with digital technology to fit each unique patient.

Are facial implants safe?

Modern day facial implants are exceptionally advanced and almost always biocompatible. A small number of patients can experience allergic reactions to the tape, glue, sutures or topical preparations used with the installation of implants. A surgeon will go through the full list of surgical risks prior to patient consent but porous polyethylene materials are very safe.