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What are full-arch dental implants?

Full-arch dental implants use several dental implants spaced around the top or bottom of a patient’s mouth to attach a full set of upper or lower teeth.

Who are full-arch dental implants for?

Patients who use traditional dentures but are unhappy with their comfort or functionality could be candidates for full-arch implants. Patients who are missing many teeth and whose remaining natural teeth are not in good condition may also be candidates.

Determining strong candidates for full-arch implants

Prior to placing full-arch implants an oral surgeon will take a CT scan of a patient’s jawbone to check for bone structure, density and strength, as well as analyze overall oral health. Full-arch implants can even be installed in patients who have suffered bone loss. This is due to the angles of the implants along with greater flexibility in where they are placed.

The benefits of implant-supported dentures

Once your implants are placed, a set of permanent or removable implant-supported dentures will be made that can clip onto the implants. Unlike traditional dentures, these new teeth will never shift or move. Such fixed dentures also feel more natural and are easier to eat with. As an added benefit, full-arch implants strengthen and protect your jawbone to help prevent additional bone loss.

Are full-arch dental implants right for me?

Patients interested in full-arch implants should discuss all treatment options with their dentist and oral surgeon to better understand the pros and cons of the procedure and determine the best course of action for their specific case.

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