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When do I need an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction?

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Both dentists and oral surgeons can perform tooth extractions, so how do you know which to choose for your treatment? The answer will depend on the type of extraction you require and its complexity. Here are some specific examples of when an oral surgeon is preferred to perform an extraction.

Tooth is impacted

A tooth impacted partway through the gums or fully below the gum line will require an incision prior to removal.

Cracked or fractured teeth

A tooth that is already cracked, fractured, or damaged presents a risk of breakage during extraction. If small pieces of the broken tooth remain in the jawbone, an oral surgeon will be better equipped to complete the procedure.

Unique facial structure

The position of the tooth to be extracted, along with the physical shape and structure of the patient’s face and/or jaw, can make extraction more complex.

Severely diseased teeth

Similar to cracked or fractured teeth, teeth that are weakened by severe cavities, gingivitis, or other diseases can also present an increased risk of breakage or other complications during the extraction.

Abnormal root structures

A tooth with straight roots perpendicular to the jawbone can usually be extracted without complication, but in the case where the roots turn or twist sideways into the jaw, the tooth may need to be removed in several pieces.

Extreme dental anxiety

Patients who suffer from extreme dental anxiety may wish to undergo sedation for a simple tooth extraction that might otherwise be performed using a local anesthetic. In such cases, they may be referred to an oral surgeon.

A question of training and experience

Dentists are highly trained medical professionals with the expertise and experience to perform most of the tooth extractions they encounter but the level of training and education oral surgeons receive better prepares them for dealing with complex extractions.

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

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