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When do you need an oral surgeon?

Dentists and oral surgeons are both highly-trained medical professionals who help you achieve better oral health care—but how do you know when you need to see an oral surgeon instead of your dentist?

Oral surgeons receive more specialized training

Oral surgeons undergo significant additional schooling, training and residency practice above and beyond the requirements of dental school. Becoming an oral surgeon requires an in-depth knowledge of both soft and hard tissue structures of the mouth, face and neck. While many oral surgeries do involve teeth, the full range of oral surgery covers a number of procedures dentists are not trained to perform.

Your case requires specialized experience

Some patients are surprised when their dentist refers them to an oral surgeon for a procedure commonly performed by dentists. This can be because your dentist has feels your case requires more specialized experience.

Practice makes perfect

Even in cases where your regular dentist is capable of performing your oral surgery, you may still benefit from choosing an oral surgeon with more experience. For example, an oral surgeon performs wisdom tooth extraction and dental implant placement daily, whereas a dentist may not. More experience can lead to shorter surgery time, reliable results and often, a faster recovery.

Additional examples of oral surgery

While dental implants and wisdom tooth extraction are two of the most common examples of procedures performed by both dentists and oral surgeons, there are many oral surgeries that can only be performed by an oral surgeon, including:

  • Surgery in preparation for orthodontics
  • Surgery for facial trauma
  • Reconstruction
  • Corrective jaw surgery
  • Treatment for TMJ

New to oral surgery?

At Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our team is highly trained in both the treatments we offer and the care of our patients. If it’s your first visit to an oral surgeon, there’s no need to worry, we’ll make the process of getting the care you need as comfortable as possible, answering all your questions along the way.