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Why are implants so reliable?

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Dental implants are successful in more than 95% of cases. The success rate is even higher for healthy patients who don’t have any major risk factors. So why are dental implants so reliable?

They function just like your natural teeth

Unlike other tooth replacement options that only replace part of your damaged or missing natural tooth, dental implants replace your full tooth. The dental implant itself is a titanium screw that installs directly into your jawbone. Its function is to perform exactly like the root of your natural tooth. Then, an abutment connects firmly to the implant to provide a post to install your new crown. Once your crown is fitted on this post, you effectively have a brand-new tooth.

Dental implants stimulate jawbone growth

A restoration like a dental bridge does not connect to the jawbone. By contrast, a dental implant pushes down on your jawbone just like your natural root every time you chew food. This pressure signals your body to grow new bone tissue and strengthen your jaw. As this new tissue grows, the dental implant fuses to the bone and becomes a permanent part of your body.

Evaluation before a procedure

An experienced oral surgeon can analyze a patient’s mouth using x-rays and other imagery to accurately determine how strong a candidate they are for implants.

Eliminating risky behaviors

Smoking or using other tobacco products is a risk factor for patients seeking to replace teeth with implants, as is excessive alcohol consumption or poor oral hygiene.

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