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Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 24 reviews.

Patient Review By Maria Calvelli

I have had dental issues which was finally resolved by Dr Novelli. He was very knowledgeable, professional, reassuring and excellent in every way. I have recommended him to my husband who have also had positive experience with Dr. Novelli. He is a great dentist. His assistant was kind caring and professional. Thank you both for the excellent care I received.

- Maria Calvelli

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Patient Review By Susan F

Dr. Park is the best oral surgeon. He did an amazing job extracting my tooth. It was quick and painless. Dr. Park explained every step of the procedure and he took the time to answer ALL my questions. He is a very caring Dr. who truly cares about his patients and their well being. He called me later in the day to see how I was feeling. I would highly recommend Dr. Park to anyone who needs an oral surgeon. Dr. Parks assistant Amina, was absolutely great at explaining all the post-op procedures for when I get home. Dr. Parks and his staff made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, I knew I was in good hands.

- Susan F

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Patient Review By Sherri C

Dr. Park was a pleasure for a what should have been a not so pleasant visit. He was kind and thorough and explained every step as he performed them. He also took care of my mom and she feels the same way. Dr. Park is my choice for TOP DOC 2020! Thank you, Dr. Park and staff. Stay safe and keep up the good work!

- Sherri C

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Patient Review By Ralph B

The entire staff was both helpful and professional in all areas of my examination. I would highly recommend this service.

- Ralph B

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Patient Review By Samantha G

I had a procedure done with Dr. Park a few weeks ago. I was super nervous pre procedure and the nurse Linda calmed my nerves instantly. She is a kind knowledgeable nurse who took great care of me. Dr. Parks anesthesia was the best. I woke up feeling great with no side effects, I am usually very groggy and nauseous after procedure. He is such a friendly man with great bed side manner. He is informative and helped eased my nerves as well. I had little to no pain after my procedure. I was always so afraid of dental work based on past experiences. BOMS has calmed my fears and I would recommend them 100x over !

- Samantha G

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Patient Review By Yanyluz T

Dr.Mark was amazing... I had really bad anxiety but Dr.Mark kept saying everything will be ok, he was right!! first time I had a tooth pulled out and actually not feel pain... with definitely be going back to them if I need anything else done...

- Yanyluz T

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Patient Review By Joann C

i was very nervous about pulling a deep rooted wisdom tooth....however, dr. park, made it simple, quick, and without the pain i was anticipating

- Joann C

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Patient Review By Elise C

To paraphrase a television show's theme song, Dr. Han can turn the world on with his smile.....and he is doing the same for mine. He is the consummate professional who takes his time explaining everything and dissolving the worst ever case of anxiety. Hand to heart, the assistants follow suit. Shout out to Lana at Franklin Lakes who went above and beyond today. I can't recommend this place enough.

- Elise C

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Patient Review By Russell R

Jan 31, 2020. Tooth extraction and bone graft. I was SO at ease from the moment I walked in the door. Never went to an oral surgeon but my dentist suggested I see Dr. Diamond. Dawn and Savannah were extremely perfect at putting me at ease and answered my questions as did Dr. Diamond. Not much pain during extraction and later that night did experience some pain but Tylenol took care of that quickly. This group is perfect. Thank you so much.

- Russell R

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Patient Review By John M

Dr. Han extracted my 13th year old daugher's wisdom teeth and we were extremely pleased with the experience. His blend of expertise and humor put us all at ease, while the office staff was courteous and professional. While the billing had confusing elements due to both medical and dental coverage, the billing department was very helpful informing and guiding us.

- John M

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Patient Review By Robert C

Super ! Professional friendly painless!!

- Robert C

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Patient Review By Gabriella V

Dr. Novelli made me feel at ease with my wisdom teeth situation as I was nervous about one tooth being so close to a nerve. He answered every question I had during my consultation and explained the procedure in depth while showing me the X-Ray. I immediately scheduled my appointment and returned a few weeks later for my surgery. I was nervous as I entered the room, but the whole process was smooth and seamless. Dr. Novelli and the nurses took great care of me and before I knew it, it was over! The entire staff was extremely kind, helpful, caring, and accommodating and made the process as pleasant as possible. The office is immaculately clean with extremely advanced technology. I highly recommend Dr. Novelli for anyone in need of an oral/maxillofacial surgeon!

- Gabriella V

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Patient Review By Juliet D

Dr. Han and his staff at Bergen Oral Surgery were fantastic. I couldn't be happier with the overall compassionate & efficient care from the physician and staff. They were great in accommodating my busy schedule and ease of getting an appointment. I highly recommend this practice!

- Juliet D

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Patient Review By Dana L

I can’t say enough good things about my whole experience. I haven’t been to the dentist in way too long. Frankly, because I was terrified. Dr Han and his whole staff were absolutely amazing. They made me feel calm and comfortable and did a great job. I would get my wisdom teeth out again if that were an option! That’s saying a lot coming from a patient that walked in crying. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Dana L

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Patient Review By Lorraine P

Simply the Best

- Lorraine P

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Patient Review By Ione Laios


- Ione Laios

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Patient Review By Samantha L

My experience was excellent. I love this practice, would highly recommend.

- Samantha L

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Patient Review By Dawn S

Very good oral surgeon. Dr. Novelli has pulled 4 teeth in the past for me and done many implants. I have periodontal disease and he always takes care of me when I'm in pain. He pulled the tooth for me 2 days ago and I feel fine and he's also a nice person and his staff is extremely sweet.

- Dawn S

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Patient Review By Drew R

Great experience, would recommend to anyone! I was nervous, but the doctor and nurses kept me calm and relaxed.

- Drew R

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Patient Review By Michelle V

Dr. Novelli's assistant was great! She showed compassion throughout the entire procedure. She was friendly, gentle, caring and kind! I felt assured through her professionalism. Cheers to a great team!

- Michelle V

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“Everyone was very professional and pleasant.  I am often afraid of dental procedures but….it wasn’t bad at all!  Thanks.”  — Mary Joyce

“Dr. Diamond was very diligent and did a wonderful job” — Rob Knie

“My experiences (2X) were both exceptional, even though I was having teeth extracted!  There was no pain, only concern for my well being.  Staff was terrific- answering questions completely.”  —  Eileen VanHouten

“This practice makes wanting to go to the dentist a great experience.”  —  Philip Venturini

“The experience was both professional and pleasant (yes, pleasant!).  I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone.”  —  Cory Kallet

“Everything went smooth and tooth has since healed.  I would recommend this office to friends and family.”  —  Adam Heifitz

” I was pleased with the facility and the performance of the dentist who cared for me.  Everyone was both competent and courteous.”  —  Dorothy Bozzone

“We had an excellent experience with your office.  Everyone is wonderful and Dr. Diamond is great.  He has treated all 3 of my children.”  — Eileen Donnellan

“Dr. Novelli and the staff in the Ridgewood office were wonderful – They made an usually nervous patient very comfortable!  Would definitely go back!” — Christine Batt

“I am in the process of having my 11th implant installed.  After losing 5 teeth that had root canals performed on and two bridges, I switched to implants 18 years ago, the best decision I ever made for my mouth.  All have been performed by BOMS.”  —  Albert Cunniffe

“Wisdom teeth removal went very smoothly & recovery went very well.”  —  Jeanne Belden

“A lot less painful than I originally thought.”  —Michael Daly

“Dr. Novelli was kind, professional & efficient.  Front office staff was attentive & easy to talk to.  Thank you for a great experience despite dealing w/ an unpleasant wisdom tooth!”  — Ava Popovich

“By far a much better and pain free experience than I could have expected.  Staff extremely warm & friendly.”  —  Joe Stinson

“Very pleasant & excellent experience I had in your facility.  I’m also happy & thankful for your wonderful customer service you provided.” —  Ofelia Rodruguez

“My experience here has been truly extraordinary. Great from Dr. Novelli and his whole staff. Very efficient , kind & always  very supportive in follow up. The best experience  ever. Wonderful team in the front office.  5 STARS!!”  —  Bryan Kollman

“Thank you for explaining everything to me more than once.  As an OR nurse, it is hard to have the “shoe on the other foot”.  Taking time with me afterward, Leeda reinforced all Dr. Diamond had explained both prior and during surgery.   Thank you again.” —  Anne Gilmour

“Everything went well.  Everybody was so nice and gentle.”  —  Joel Matthews

“Very polite and gentle; pain-free during surgery and very little pain afterwards. I just praise him.” — Martha Watson

“He changed my life; remarkable alternative and pain-free. I trust him with anything!” — Frank Desantis

“He saved me, I now have teeth! If it wasn’t for him I’d still be crying.” — Theresa Spano

“He did an excellent job; I don’t even know I have them.” — Thomas Kelliher

“Pleasant experience! Very professional and I will refer to anyone.” — Margaret Rady

“Surprisingly quick recovery! He gave an excellent thorough explanation and instructions.” — Lawrence Chen

“On time and professional; better than I originally thought. He made it painless!” — Marion Flotard

“He was so kind and sweet. I’d recommend him to anyone; thorough from A-Z!” — Kym Pierro

“He was absolutely wonderful and the entire staff was so caring of my needs. I would recommend anyone in need of great care to Bergen Oral Surgery.” — Jillian Dodge

“Best surgeon we’ve ever had for our premature son, who has gone through several surgeries. We wish he did General Dentistry as well!” — Mary Coombes

“Very kind and willing to take me in such an emergency situation.” — Mary Casale

“He is a miracle worker and relieved me of pain!” — Theresa Negro

“I went in with lots of pain and when I woke up from anesthesia I was comfortable and pain-free.  I wish I met these doctors years ago.” — James Lacey

The office staff is Courteous and professional. The Doctor and assistants made me feel comfortable and at ease. It is always comforting when you are treated in this manner. The office and surgical staff areas are impeccably clean.” — Ralph S. Passante,Sr.

“Excellent care; Perfect attitude of medical assistance team, lovely atmosphere.” –Liliya Savitska

“It was a pleasant experience. Everyone – From the receptionist  to the assistants were very professional.” —Virginia Suarez

I cannot express how wonderful the staff was. Nothing short of exceptional. No one likes to have oral surgery, But if one had to go somewhere, here is where they should go. Awesome experience.” — Michael Celentano