Our Promise

Exceptional Oral Surgery Care Tailored Specifically for Our Patients!

At Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (BOMS), our patients’ well-being and satisfaction stand at the core of our practice. Our dedicated team of highly skilled oral surgeons and compassionate staff is unwavering in our commitment to delivering exceptional care within an environment that radiates warmth and welcome.

Our Pledge: Personalized Excellence in Oral Surgery

Expertise and Cutting-Edge Techniques: Our oral surgeons possess extensive knowledge and expertise spanning a wide array of oral and maxillofacial procedures. Remaining at the forefront of the latest advancements in our field, we harness state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to ensure that your outcomes are nothing short of optimal.

Individualized Care: Every patient we serve is unique, with distinct needs and concerns. Recognizing this, we invest time in attentive listening and thorough evaluation, enabling us to tailor treatment plans that precisely address your specific requirements. Your input and comfort are the cornerstones of our approach, and we are committed to keeping you fully informed and engaged throughout your journey with us.

We have a Compassionate and Supportive Team: We understand the significance of creating a supportive and empathetic atmosphere throughout your dental procedure. Our compassionate team members are here to alleviate any anxiety or fear our patients may harbor, delivering care that’s gentle and reassuring throughout their visit. We are dedicated to treating all patients with kindness, respect, and dignity.

Safety First in a Sterile Environment: Patient safety and well-being are paramount. We uphold the highest standards of sterilization and infection control protocols, ensuring a pristine and sanitary environment. From our advanced sterilization equipment to our unwavering adherence to guidelines, we go the extra mile to safeguard their health.

Transparent Communication and Education: Open and honest communication is our fundamental belief. We are committed to clearly explaining your treatment options, addressing all questions, and guiding our patients through each step of the process. Our objective is to empower them to make well- informed decisions about their oral health.

Continued Care and Support: Our commitment to patient well-being extends beyond the completion of their treatment. We provide them with detailed aftercare instructions and remain available to promptly address any concerns or questions that may arise during their recovery.

At BOMS, our passion lies in transforming lives through the delivery of exceptional oral surgery care. With our unwavering commitment to personalized attention, clinical expertise, boundless

compassion, and a steadfast dedication to providing exceptional care, patients and referring providers can place their trust in us to provide care that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our patients’ smile and satisfaction remain our top priority.

We also acknowledge the vital role played by our dedicated staff at BOMS, who support our entire operations. By equipping them with all the necessary tools and supporting them in their own personal growth journey, we can fulfill our promise and maintain the high standards of care that our patients deserve.