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18 topics to cover on social media

Suffering from writer’s block on your social media pages? Here’s a list of 18 ideas for dental practice social media posts.

1. New equipment

Show off new technology you’ve purchased for the practice.

2. Office celebrations and announcements

Birthdays, weddings, new babies. Sharing personal milestones from your team is a great way to build rapport with your patients. Be sure to check with employees that they’re OK with the post before uploading.

3. Product reviews

Let your patients know what you think about the newest water flosser or electric toothbrush.

4. Dental jokes

Google “dental jokes” and you’ll find plenty of fodder to post on your practice’s Facebook page.

5. Highlight community service

Be sure to snap plenty of photos any time you or your team are involved in community outreach or a volunteer project or event. You can also share posts from local charities or organizations you support–not every post on your page needs to be about dentistry.

6. Introduce new hires

Ask new team members to provide a photo and a short bio.

7. Cross-promotion

Share something interesting from a neighboring business.

8. Training and conferences

Don’t worry if you think some content might be a bit dry for social media. Letting your patients know that you care about staying current is what really matters. When you attend a dental conference, continuing education event or seminar, let them know about it.

9. Oral health tips from YouTube

You don’t need to record and produce educational content to share it via social media.

10. Share news stories

Did you or your practice make the news?

11. Cut and paste your top reviews

Particularly proud of an online review? Share it via social media for additional exposure.

12. Gift card promo

Not all dental practice promotions need to cost big bucks. Something as simple as $5 Starbucks gift cards can work well.

13. Share articles and blog posts that resonate with your brand

Find a handful of dental practice blogs located across the country and link up relevant content. You can also share content written by colleagues.

14. Upload a candid video

Video content is very popular on social media. Set your smartphone to selfie mode and record a quick video to talk about something interesting happening in your practice.

15. New services

Any time you launch a new service, no matter how small, update your followers on social media.

16. Q & A session

Let your followers know that you’ll be online at a set time to answer dental related questions.

17. Ask for feedback

Polls are a great way to engage your followers and encourage them to interact with your posts.

18. Show them how fun you are

Post photos of you and your team letting your hair down–whether it’s good times at the practice holiday party or pics from lunch on Taco Tuesday.