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How to attract and retain top talent at your practice

Your practice is only as strong as your team. How can you attract, hire and retain the best employees in a tight labor market? While offering a competitive package matters, there is more to the equation than money. Provide opportunities to grow Just as you want to grow your business, employees wish to grow their […]

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Understanding the implications of impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth should not be ignored, even if you are not currently experiencing discomfort or other oral health issues. Left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to tooth decay, resorption of nearby teeth roots, gum disease, or an infection. In many cases, extraction is the recommended treatment. Trapped beneath the gumline Wisdom tooth impaction […]

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Six things you may not know about dental implants

You probably already know that implants are the best, long-term solution for replacing one or more missing teeth but here are six facts about implants you might not know. 1. Implants have one of the highest success rates More than 98% of dental implant patients experience a positive outcome. 2. No cavities in implants You […]

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Things to consider when opening a second location

Opening a second location can accelerate the growth of your business. Before moving forward with a practice expansion, here are some questions to consider. Will I purchase an existing practice or start from scratch? There are pros and cons to buying an existing practice and building a new one from the ground up. If you […]

A woman experiencing wisdom teeth pain.

Tips for dealing with wisdom tooth discomfort

Wisdom tooth discomfort can build slowly over time or come on quickly and take you by surprise. In either case, this is not a condition that should be left to go away on its own. If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist or oral surgeon to have […]

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Four types of implant restorations

Modern dental implant technology makes it easier than ever to replace missing teeth and restore your mouth to its natural appearance and function. Understanding these four different types of implant restorations can help you make more informed choices about your tooth replacement options. Single-tooth dental implant Single-tooth dental implants are used to replace a single […]

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A simple guide to writing blog posts

Writing new content for your practice blog is one of those tasks that often ends up at the bottom of your to-do list. What can help is having some easy tips for making the process as painless as possible. Here are a few. Choose a user-friendly platform Are you frustrated with your blogging platform? While […]

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Defining success for your practice

Every dentist who goes into practice for themselves hopes to one day make their venture a success. What does that success look like? Defining success includes benchmarks not only for profit but also for job satisfaction, lifestyle, work environment and other intangibles. Practice success should follow in line with your vision If someone asks you […]

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Why transition from dentures to implants

If you wear traditional dentures, you may have felt a mix of emotions over the years. At first, it was exciting to get your smile back and be able to eat more foods than before. But then, over time you may have realized that dentures aren’t the perfect tooth replacement solution. If you feel it’s […]

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Understanding the symptoms of TMJ

If you are concerned that you may be suffering with a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, here are the symptoms to look out for and what to do about it. More than just clicking or discomfort in your jaw The most common symptoms of TMJ disorder are ongoing discomfort in your jaw or a clicking sound […]