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I’m not feeling well. Can I still get my wisdom teeth extracted?

Your wisdom teeth extraction is coming up, but you’re feeling under the weather. You might be worried that it’s not safe to have the procedure. Here are some common issues and what they may mean for your procedure. COVID-19 or the flu Any patient who tests positive for COVID-19 or influenza must reschedule their wisdom […]

Reasons to contact your oral surgeon after surgery

Following an oral surgery, your doctor will tell you to call them in the event of a problem, complication or emergency. Here are some of the most common reasons to contact your oral surgeon after surgery. Significant bleeding It is normal to experience some bleeding following oral surgery, particularly if you have had one or […]

Satisfied staff lead to better patient outcomes

Keeping your team happy is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your dental practice. Satisfied staff lead to better outcomes and happy, loyal patients. Here are a few tips to boost employee satisfaction and ensure that your team is doing their best work. First impressions Onboarding a new employee is the […]

Tips for buying a dental practice

Purchasing a practice can be one of the biggest moves you’ll make in your career. Here are some factors you may want to consider. Think like a bank You know you’re competent. You know you’re ready. But you’re not the one stamping “approved” on your loan. Before you start with the application process, ask yourself, […]

Understanding tooth extraction for orthodontics

Some patients require tooth extractions prior to getting braces. In this post, we’ll cover which situations necessitate tooth extractions and answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to extractions and orthodontics. When is tooth extraction necessary? The following issues are the most common reasons to extract teeth as part of your orthodontic treatment: […]

Four signs it may be time for implants

Living with missing teeth is no fun. You might feel like you need to hide the gaps in your smile when you speak or laugh. Even once you’ve learned to deal with the challenges and adapt, you can’t deny the impact missing teeth have on your life. If you’ve wondered if dental implants were right […]

Should I go to an oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth extracted?

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common oral surgical procedures and for many people, the only oral surgery they will ever need. Many patients ask why it’s necessary to visit an oral surgeon for this procedure. “Can’t my dentist extract teeth?” In some cases, your dentist can extract wisdom teeth but there are […]

Preparing for your oral surgery consultation

If you’ve never been to an oral surgeon before, you might be nervous about your initial consultation. To help you be better prepared and more relaxed for your appointment, follow these simple steps. Be ready to explain your situation Even when the reason for your visit to the oral surgeon is clear, the doctor will […]

Should I ask patients if they’ve received a COVID vaccine?

Now that COVID vaccines have been readily available for all age groups for some time, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to ask patients about their vaccination status. Are you allowed to ask patients if they’ve received a COVID vaccine? The question doesn’t break any rules but it may not be a […]

The state of teledentistry

Virtual healthcare was in the works long before the pandemic threw virtual “everything” into overdrive but can virtual dentistry really be viable? After-hours emergency support One of the most valuable benefits of teledentistry is giving patients access to round-the-clock emergency consultations, from any location. Whether a patient is experiencing an issue in the middle of […]