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Five signs you have a cracked tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth should always be fixed as soon as possible; otherwise, you risk infection or causing additional damage to the tooth. Here are five symptoms to look out for if you suspect you might have a cracked tooth. 1. Discomfort when eating The most common sign of a cracked tooth is consistent […]

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What to expect when getting dental implants

While the process of getting dental implants will be a little different for every patient, here is a basic overview of what to expect. Initial evaluation Before your oral surgeon can determine the best strategy for your dental implant procedure, a comprehensive examination will be completed. Depending on your oral health, you may be a […]

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Reasons for tooth extraction

Losing a tooth is a very common occurrence in the United States. In fact, approximately 50% of all Americans are missing at least one tooth. Here are the most common reasons why extraction may be necessary: Substantial Decay: A severely decayed tooth that has been left untreated may not have sufficient remaining tooth structure to […]

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How to speed healing following implant surgery

Advancements in dental implant diagnostics and placement have made recovery from surgery faster, easier, and more comfortable than ever. Most patients experience very little downtime. Follow these quick healing tips to reduce discomfort and be back to your normal self as soon as possible. Control bleeding with gauze and rest Bleeding is normal and expected […]

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Putting together a practice transition team

Whether you are buying or selling a practice, having a talented transition team to guide you through the process is valuable. Here are some key professionals to consider having on that team. Transition team for sellers Dental practice broker: An experienced practice broker will know your local market and be able to accurately value your […]

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Leveraging team building exercises

Delivering the best dental care possible starts with building a team that works well together every single day. Team building exercises are an effective strategy for helping to get this done. Teams just want to have fun While team building activities certainly elicit some light grumbling from more introverted staff in the beginning, it does […]

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Ideas for online reputation management

Maintaining a positive online reputation can really help your digital marketing efforts. Here are a few tactics to consider for your online reputation management arsenal. Fill out your listings Take the time to fill out every section of your Google Business listing, Facebook page and Yelp account. These are free opportunities to explain in detail […]

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Give your referral program a boost

A referral strategy is vital to keeping a steady flow of new patients coming into your practice. These simple tips can improve your referral program. Thank you notes Show your appreciation to patients who have given a successful referral by sending a hand-written thank you note. Even if your referral program already includes a gift […]

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Tapping into the power of patient education

As a dentist, it can be frustrating if a patient turns down treatment for a procedure they need. You understand how important this treatment is for their oral health and overall wellbeing, why can’t they? Possibly because some patient education is lacking. Low acceptance rates can be caused not only by reticent patients, but by […]

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Four common goals of high-performing practices

Elevating your practice to the next level requires setting goals and implementing a strategic plan to work towards those goals. For insight on which objectives can drive your practice forward, here are four common goals of high-performing practices. 1. Continually boost production and efficiency You must always be on the lookout for ways to get […]