Can all four wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time?

Patients who require the extraction of wisdom teeth sometimes ask if they must come in for separate appointments or if all four teeth can be removed at the same time. In most cases, it is advantageous to have all four removed in one appointment.

Save money

Removing all four wisdom teeth at once is the most affordable option. Paying for multiple office visits will increase the total price of extraction.

Minimize sedation needs

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common oral surgery and perfectly safe, but if IV sedation is required, it’s better to minimize the number of times this is required.

More convenient

Given that some rest is typically required to recover from wisdom tooth extraction, it makes sense to do this once instead of multiple times. A single procedure makes it easier to schedule treatment with work and you can save your vacation days for something fun!


The number of teeth extracted at one time has little impact on patient discomfort. Similar postoperative instructions will be given whether having one, or all, of your wisdom teeth removed. Contrary to popular belief, the pain of having all four wisdom teeth removed is not quadruple the pain of having one wisdom tooth removed. You should consult your oral surgeon to clarify your specific situation.

When is it not possible to have all four removed at once?

During the treatment planning process, your oral surgeon will examine your jaw using x-rays and other imagery tools to determine the best course of action. Only when specific concerns that contraindicate removal of all four wisdom teeth exist will your surgeon recommend a different strategy.

Discuss your preference with your oral surgeon

Whether you would prefer to have all four of your wisdom teeth removed at the same time or schedule separate procedures, be sure to make this preference known to your oral surgeon during the consultation process.