Tips for Managing Dental Phobia & Anxiety

an anxious patient looks on in dreadStudies show that about three quarters of Americans experience some level of dental related fear, and of that number, one in five avoid oral care because of their phobia. If the idea of dental work makes you anxious, we want you to know that your fears are common, and making you feel comfortable and safe at our oral surgery office is our top priority.

Dental Anxiety vs. Dental Phobia

When it comes to oral surgery, anxieties and phobias present themselves in a wide variety of ways, and specific fears vary from person to person.

  • Dental anxiety may be mild to moderate and often takes the form of a general sense of worry and apprehension when thinking about an upcoming procedure.
  • Dental phobia is a more intense experience, with patients feeling an overwhelming, irrational fear of dental work. This can sometimes cause them to avoid care all together.

We Can Help!

Whatever your individual level of anxiety may be, our office is committed to making sure that your visit is as comfortable, quick, and easy as possible. There are many solutions for dental anxiety, and we are ready to help.

Tips for Relieving Oral Surgery Anxiety


It’s helpful if you let us know what scares you and when you’re uncomfortable. Dental anxiety is very common, and we understand your apprehension. Our skilled and caring surgeons can often quell a fear simply by giving you correct or updated information. We will always keep you informed before, during, and after your procedure, making sure that you understand what is going on and why we are doing it.

Relaxation Techniques

Many patients find it helpful to practice controlled breathing or to find distraction inside the procedure room. With most treatments, the use of personal headphones and music is allowed. This is a great way to keep calm, relax, and pass the time while in the chair.


Depending on the nature of your procedure, various types of sedation may be available to you. They range from light conscious sedation where the goal is the stay awake and to relieve mild anxiety, to moderate and deep sedation whereby you are able to sleep comfortably throughout the procedure.


We encourage you to let us know when you would like to take a short break during your treatment. We can set up a plan for you to signal with your left hand each time you need a short rest period. We are in no hurry to complete your procedure and can take as long as is needed to ensure your comfort.

Dental Anxiety During COVID-19

Naturally, the coronavirus has intensified fears among those who already struggle with dental anxiety. But we assure you Dr. Diamond, Dr. Novelli, Dr. Han, Dr. Park, Dr. Francioni, Dr. Feuerstein and Dr. Diaz are here to provide you with comfort and safety throughout your entire office visit.

We’ve taken extra precautions to ensure optimal protection, including screenings, paperless registration, ample personal protective equipment, intensive infection control protocols, social distancing, limited waiting room seating, reduced waiting times, and greater time between patient appointments. Our primary goal is to keep you safe during the pandemic while caring for your oral needs.

We are proud to offer the latest, most comfortable, reliable, and efficient oral surgery and services at Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Oral health is important for the health of your whole body. Don’t let fear stand in the way of good dental care! We can help you get the care that you need. Call Hackensack Office Phone Number 201-343-8297 today to make an appointment.