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Should you implement “no show” fees?

Deciding whether “no show” fees are right for your practice can be a difficult decision. On one hand, you could potentially lose patients who are unhappy with the policy. On the other hand, too many no shows can have a real impact on production. There is no one right or wrong answer. Every practice’s situation […]

Thinking of mentoring a dental student?

Giving back through mentorship is a great way to share your experience with the next generation of dentists. A successful mentoring relationship can have a significant impact on a young dentist’s career and be a rewarding experience for you, too. Mentorship is also a fantastic way to develop people management skills if you run a […]

Ideas for providing great customer service to your patients

Imagining your patients as customers is a valuable mental exercise that can help you visualize and then improve the patient experience at your practice. Here are some strategies for keeping your “customers” happy. Cut the wait While patients may be accustomed to spending a little time in your waiting room, streamlining your system will be […]

Tips for starting your own blog

You may be interested in blogging as a way to connect with your patients but you may not know how to get started. Here are a few pointers. Don’t overthink the name Coming up with a clever name isn’t going to affect the quality of your content. If you don’t have a name in mind, […]

Three ideas for staying on top of overhead

Part of successfully managing a dental practice is keeping overhead costs down without cutting corners or affecting patient care. Fortunately, there are often gains to be made through efficiency if you know where to look. Here are three areas to review. 1.   Periodically review employee compensation Your staff’s compensation often makes up the largest percentage […]

How to name your dental practice

Choosing the right name for your dental practice is important. Here are some common conventions you can follow to generate a list of options. 1.   Your surname Not all practice names need to be creative or outside-the-box. [Your surname] Dentistry can be a perfectly good option, especially if your family name is well-known in the […]

Ideas for team building at your practice

Hiring the right people for your team is key to the success and growth of your practice, but it’s only the beginning. Building a positive culture where people are enthusiastic about working with one another and don’t want to leave requires ongoing time and effort. Here are a few proven team building ideas that will […]

How quality photography can boost your practice marketing

Upgrading to higher quality photography for your marketing materials might just increase patient engagement. Professional photography can make the difference between a website that makes a splash and one that looks like every other practice in the area. Photography is an integral part of marketing In the digital marketing world, you only have a split […]

Tips for optimizing your messaging

Investing in marketing is a necessary part of growing any practice. If you’re sending out a message that’s not optimized, you may not be attracting the best patients. Fortunately, following a few simple guidelines can help you better speak to the patients who are a great fit for your practice. Who are your patients? Trying […]

Is it time to sell your practice?

Whether you are approaching an age when you’d like to retire, considering a career change or thinking of relocating, choosing the right time to sell your practice is a big decision. Here are a few signs that it might be time. You don’t really enjoy running your own business For some dentists, practice ownership winds […]