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Satisfied staff lead to better patient outcomes

Keeping your team happy is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your dental practice. Satisfied staff lead to better outcomes and happy, loyal patients. Here are a few tips to boost employee satisfaction and ensure that your team is doing their best work. First impressions Onboarding a new employee is the […]

Tips for buying a dental practice

Purchasing a practice can be one of the biggest moves you’ll make in your career. Here are some factors you may want to consider. Think like a bank You know you’re competent. You know you’re ready. But you’re not the one stamping “approved” on your loan. Before you start with the application process, ask yourself, […]

Should I ask patients if they’ve received a COVID vaccine?

Now that COVID vaccines have been readily available for all age groups for some time, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to ask patients about their vaccination status. Are you allowed to ask patients if they’ve received a COVID vaccine? The question doesn’t break any rules but it may not be a […]

The state of teledentistry

Virtual healthcare was in the works long before the pandemic threw virtual “everything” into overdrive but can virtual dentistry really be viable? After-hours emergency support One of the most valuable benefits of teledentistry is giving patients access to round-the-clock emergency consultations, from any location. Whether a patient is experiencing an issue in the middle of […]

How to manage your team during challenging times

The pandemic may be the biggest industry upheaval you’ll experience in your career as a dentist but ups and downs are a usual part of running a practice. So how can you keep your team happy when the going gets tough? Nurturing a team environment Fostering an environment where everyone feels like they are part […]

Setting up a membership plan at your practice

A membership plan could be an attractive alternative, or supplement, to traditional dental insurance, both for your practice and the wellbeing of your patients. Discount versus prepaid plans Most membership plans can be categorized into one of two types: Discount plan: Patients pay a small one-time fee for a membership that provides a set discount […]

Meet the challenge of managing difficult patients

Growing a successful dental practice means building rapport with your patients and fostering long-term relationships but what can you do when nothing is enough for a patient? Here are simple tips for managing your more challenging patients. No-shows The best approach for dealing with no-shows is to have a protocol that treats everyone equally. You […]

How to sell your dental equipment

Selling your gently-used dental equipment is a good way to recoup part of your investment and free up cash to invest in new equipment. Here are a few tips for getting the most for your old chair and more. Work with suppliers that do trade-ins The easiest way to sell your dental equipment is to […]

How to hire a new associate dentist

Building a great team is one of the most important drivers of success for your practice. As you grow, bringing on associates will be paramount to your continued success. Cast a wide net When recruiting a new dentist for your practice cast a wide net. Usually the more applicants, the better, even if it takes […]

Helping patients understand dental insurance

As a dental professional, you know that the benefits of dental insurance can vary widely depending on the plan, the patient, their treatment needs and other factors. Educating your patients on dental insurance can be tricky. Here are a few tips to give your patients the information they need to make smart decisions when it […]