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How much should your practice be spending on marketing?

Marketing your dental practice is an ongoing process, even for the busiest of offices growth is the name of the game. This post walks through the basics of determining your advertising spend.

How to let someone go from your dental practice

As the owner of a dental practice, you may be required to let a member of your team go who isn’t working out. It’s natural to try and avoid this stressful situation, but keeping a staff member on board that is not a good fit can have substantial consequences for your business.

A simple guide to delivering bad news to patients

Breaking bad news to a patient will always be one of the more unpleasant aspects of working in the dental profession. But it can get easier if you make a concerted effort to get better at it.

The magnifying video scope

Microscopes have played a vital role in modern dentistry since the early 1980s. They were originally used as a means of increased precision in certain types of microsurgery. Today magnification technology can have several benefits for both you and your patients.

5 tips for bringing new staff on board

As a dentist and business owner, your success relies heavily on your ability to hire and train competent employees. Here are five simple steps that will help you get new staff up to speed quickly.

Using LinkedIn to grow your practice

It takes more than just signing up and filling out a profile to get the most out of LinkedIn for your dental practice, but you can increase your office’s online reputation with a minimum of investment. There are both free and paid approaches to converting LinkedIn users into real-life patients. Here are a few easy-to-follow […]

Improve patient education with dual monitors

Patient education is an important part of any successful dental practice. A patient’s understanding of how a recommended treatment impacts their oral health correlates to the likelihood they’ll move forward with a procedure. Dual monitors can be a simple and affordable way to get this done.

Dental practice accounting tip: Get a grip on receivables

Learning to run your dental practice like a business can be an obstacle for dentists who have recently taken the plunge and purchased or opened their own office. If your accounts receivables list looks like it belongs to a loan officer, it might be time to revamp your collection process.

5 ways to raise capital to expand your practice

Managing the business side of your dental practice means dealing with capital expenditures, including figuring out where the capital will come from. In this post, we outline five ways to secure capital.

Is assisted hygiene right for your dental practice?

Assisted hygiene is a popular buzzword in the dental care industry. You may even be considering hiring a hygiene assistant for your practice. In this article, we’ll give an overview of the pros and cons of assisted hygiene.