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HEPA filtration in the operatory

Keeping patients protected and helping them to feel safe in the dental operatory has always been important, but now, in light of COVID-19, ensuring that your office is the safest in town could make a real difference in how your practice grows over the next year or two. If you do not currently have a […]

9 blog post ideas

Publishing a blog is a great way to improve SEO, keep your patients informed, and boost the amount of content you have to share on social media–but sometimes, it’s hard to come up with things to write about. Here is a list of blog topics to help you if you encounter writer’s block. 1. How-tos […]

Marketing cosmetic dentistry during a recession

Here are a few tips to help market cosmetic services that some may view as non-essential. A shift in mindset People still have disposable income during a recession. Your marketing challenge is to offer the benefits of choosing dentistry over that extra vacation. Don’t decide ahead of time what patients are/aren’t willing to pay for […]

Approaches to combating a recession

While no one really knows what the recovery period following the coronavirus shutdown will look like, it’s a good idea to plan for tough times and be pleasantly surprised if things bounce back quickly. Here are a few strategies dental practice owners have implemented during slow times of the past. Create a new profit center […]

What is a remarketing campaign and do you need one?

In this post, we’ll cover the basics of how a remarketing campaign works so you can make an informed decision about investing in one for your practice. The gist A remarketing campaign (also called retargeting) is simple. It’s an online advertising campaign that targets users who have already visited your website to remind them of […]

Tips for training your office manager

As the leader of your front-end team, the office manager at your practice plays an important role in your business. From training an effective staff to managing patient flow and overseeing the day to day operation of the practice, an office manager speaks for you while you’re in the operatory. Here are a few training […]

Best practices for hiring dental practice staff

The learning curve for running your own dental practice can be long. Learning how to hire employees and build a great team is one very important element. Follow these simple guidelines to help with that process. Know what you want Whether you’re looking for administrative help, a hygienist, a dental assistant or an associate dentist, […]

Getting overhead costs under control

Higher than average overhead costs can cut into your earnings and make it difficult to upgrade equipment, purchase new technology, invest in marketing or save for the future. If you suspect overhead costs are too high at your practice but can’t seem to find the leak, here are five areas to investigate and solutions for […]

When patients won’t confirm their appointments

Patients that don’t confirm their appointments add unwanted stress to your dental practice and might disrupt workflow for an entire day. Here are a few ideas for what to do when emails, phone calls, messages and texts have been ignored. Analyze patient history If the patient in question has been reliable in the past, it’s […]

Five ideas to improve practice marketing

While most dentists like acquiring new patients, not all enjoy all the legwork that goes into marketing their practice. Here are five simple tips to improve your marketing efforts that don’t require a substantial commitment of money or time. 1. Encourage patients to engage on your social media pages An interactive social media page is […]