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Building a strong culture in your dental practice

Weak office culture can hinder productivity and can even be sensed by patients. One of the top causes of a weak culture is a divide between leaders and their staff. Leveraging gratitude and appreciation is an easy-to-implement approach for establishing a strong cohesive team. Appreciation is important Feeling that your efforts are appreciated is a […]

Hiring an office manager

Finding an office manager who fits your culture can make a big difference to the success of your practice. Here are some simple tips to help make that happen. It goes without saying that you won’t hire an office manager who doesn’t possess the relevant skill set and work experience to do the job but […]

Opening an additional office

You may be considering opening an additional location to generate greater earnings for your practice. If you have considered expanding your business in this way, here are some tips to keep in mind. Buy vs. build As with opening your first office, you can either build from scratch or purchase an existing practice. Both avenues […]

Tips for handling challenging patients

As a dentist, it’s likely you have to deal with some challenging patients. From patients who writhe in the chair to those that are serial no-shows, and more, problem patients can impact your practice. Here are a few common patient issues and tips for mitigating their negative effect. Doesn’t follow your advice A patient who […]

Successful case presentation

A low rate of treatment acceptance is a common obstacle that prevents an otherwise healthy dental practice from reaching its full potential. Fixing this problem is one of the fastest ways to boost growth. Here are three effective strategies for helping your patients accept necessary treatment, while increasing job satisfaction and further developing your practice. […]

4 simple tips for building patient relationships

The very nature of dental care makes it difficult to naturally build personal relationships with your patients. Sitting in the dentist chair is definitely no trip to the spa! How busy you are or how uncomfortable your patient may be makes it more necessary that you focus on building patient relationships outside of the clinical […]

Understanding no-shows

No-shows can be a significant problem for some dental practices. They can produce a negative impact on both productivity and the bottom line. While there’s nothing you can do to eliminate the problem entirely, you can lower the number of no-shows and minimize the impact. It starts with understanding why these patients fail to show […]

Is there such a thing as too much tech?

Today’s technology can help you provide more advanced treatment to your patients and assist you in managing staff, tracking appointments, organizing your financials and more. But too much tech has the potential to overwhelm your staff and create problems. In this post, we’ll share three simple guidelines for figuring out the optimal level of technology […]

Patient growth by limiting attrition

New patient numbers are one of the top metrics used to analyze the health of a dental practice but creating an environment where patients don’t want to leave is another strategy for growth. Time is money What if ‘time is money’ meant investing into patient relationships and education? Rather than making appointments as short as […]

Simple tips for navigating your lease

If you’ve ever had issues with renewing your lease, it may be time to enhance your negotiation strategies. In this post, we’ll share some ideas to put you in the driver’s seat. Timing is everything It’s usually a mistake when renegotiating your lease to wait until the last minute. When fewer than six months remain […]