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The evolving role of fiberglass in dentistry

The use of fiber reinforced composites (FRCs) as a substitute for metallic restorations is growing. If you’re not already using this material in your practice, it likely warrants further investigation. The advantage of fiber reinforced composite restorations Typically, FRCs provide improved biomechanical performance. While the material is not quite as strong as a cast metal […]

Continuing education options

From the day you graduate dental school, working as a dentist requires you to learn new information that can improve your ability to deliver quality care to your patients. There are many ways to consume this information, from dental conferences to professional journals to collaborating with colleagues. Here are a few ideas to keep your […]

9 more areas to review in your practice

No matter how efficient your practice is, there is always room for improvement. Here are 9 areas to think about in your practice where potential improvements may be possible. Keep track of dental benefits for your patients Handling patients with employer-provided dental insurance can be used to your advantage. You could develop a tracking system […]

Pros and cons of opening your own office

Many dentists believe that owning their own practice is the natural progression in any successful career. Others have no interest at all in running their own business. Who’s right? It depends. Here are some pros and cons to each career path to help you make a more informed choice. Advantages of working as an associate […]

Post-retirement options for dental professionals

If you’d like to give up the stress and responsibility of running your own dental practice but aren’t ready to spend your time at the golf course, here are 5 post-retirement options to consider. Give back through education Becoming a part or full-time professor at a dental school is a great way to stay involved […]

How to get the most out of a conference

Attending conferences can be helpful in running a successful practice. Here are a few tips to boost your dental experience and do more than just check off your CE requirements. Set specific goals It’s easier than ever to find out what content will be available at the conference and when. From new products that you’re […]

How to improve communication in your practice

Making strides in communication at your dental practices is an ongoing process. Here are 7 tips to tune the way you interact with your team and help staff communicate more efficiently. Have a meaningful morning huddle A morning huddle is an opportunity to get everyone on the same page each day. Take a few minutes […]

How to create a positive work environment

Happy employees tend to be more productive, reliable and likely to stick around for the long-term. So how can you be proactive in keeping your employees happy? Make time for greetings and chit-chat Humans are social creatures. No matter how slammed you are, don’t skip out on saying hello to your staff and asking about […]

Are you ready to open your own practice?

If you’re thinking about opening their own practice, here are a few points to consider. Analyze your risk tolerance Whether you purchase an existing practice, open a new office from scratch or enter into a partnership with other dentists, launching your new practice requires a significant financial investment. While a successful dental practice can generate […]

11 areas to review in your practice

To say the owner of a dental practice wears many hats might be an understatement. Practice owners can be pulled in many directions. With the many tasks at hand, it’s important to review how your practice is running and look for areas of improvement. Here are 11 areas to consider. Clinical care Furthering clinical efficiency […]