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Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery welcomes Mark Park DMD, MD to the team

We’re excited and proud to announce the newest member of our talented surgical team. Offering advanced surgical training in dental implantology, Dr. Mark Park brings a wealth of specialist knowledge, high-level experience and prestige to our practice. Over the course of six decades, Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery has grown to feature four convenient New […]

Dealing with common issues in a practice

Dentistry is a profession with a big learning curve. Your ability to perform treatments quickly and effectively will be tested, as well as your strength in successfully managing staff, dealing with difficult patients and making business decisions. Mistakes can happen. Here are some of the more common issues in running a practice and some ideas […]

Charcoal toothpaste?

By now you’ve likely had to field some questions regarding the efficacy of charcoal toothpaste.  It’s being billed as an easy, all-natural teeth-whitening solution that can be used in place of traditional toothpaste. But does it work? Here are a few thoughts. Getting to know activated charcoal Activated charcoal has been heated to extremely high […]

Does your dental practice need a blog?

You might’ve heard that launching a blog can increase your search engine ranking, drive organic traffic to your page and improve your social reach through content marketing. Building a library of blog posts can be a great way to contribute to your long-term marketing success. Educate your patients As a dentist you have plenty of […]

Acquiring a practice

Purchasing an existing practice from a retiring dentist is often a good way to get into business but how can you find the right opportunity for you? Here are some areas to consider. Outline your lifestyle Brainstorm some ideas about the type of life you hope to lead. Are you looking to maximize earnings? Work […]

Eight phone apps to consider

With all the technology available in a modern operatory, you may forget that one of the most powerful tools for running your practice is your smartphone. Here are eight smartphone/tablet apps that may be worth evaluating. 1.   Rhinogram Need a HIPAA-compliant messaging app to safely send and receive X-rays, PDFs, photos and other sensitive documents? […]

How to prepare your team for the sale of your practice

Whether you’re heading into retirement or starting a new adventure, negotiating the sale of your practice could be quite an exciting event in your life. But for the people who work for you, the opposite might be true. Many employees prefer stability, and a sudden shift that’s out of their control could potentially lead to […]

Dealing with common staffing issues

Building a successful practice is a team effort. Just as a strong team can help propel your business forward, a weak team can hold you back. It’s imperative to identify staffing issues before they manifest into serious complications. Here are a few surefire signs to keep an eye out for. Training An employee who seems […]

The best freebies to give dental patients

A cornerstone of any successful dental practice is a strong network of loyal patients who return for additional treatment and recommend your services to others. Along with providing top-notch and pain-free care, the little things you do as a practice can go a long way towards creating a positive experience for your patients. Here are […]

Five low cost ways to hone your skills

A career in dentistry requires lifelong learning but not every self-improvement effort needs to cost an arm and a leg. Here are five cheap and easy ways to hone your craft without significant investment. 1. Listen to podcasts There are dozens of dentistry-related podcasts and hundreds if you expand your focus to include general business […]