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Things to consider when opening a second location

Opening a second location can accelerate the growth of your business. Before moving forward with a practice expansion, here are some questions to consider. Will I purchase an existing practice or start from scratch? There are pros and cons to buying an existing practice and building a new one from the ground up. If you […]

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A simple guide to writing blog posts

Writing new content for your practice blog is one of those tasks that often ends up at the bottom of your to-do list. What can help is having some easy tips for making the process as painless as possible. Here are a few. Choose a user-friendly platform Are you frustrated with your blogging platform? While […]

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Defining success for your practice

Every dentist who goes into practice for themselves hopes to one day make their venture a success. What does that success look like? Defining success includes benchmarks not only for profit but also for job satisfaction, lifestyle, work environment and other intangibles. Practice success should follow in line with your vision If someone asks you […]

Leveraging promotions and discounts at your practice

How can you use price reductions and promotions to market your practice? Here are a few tips to get it right. Don’t discount regular treatments Treatments should be matched with set prices and then calculated based on these predetermined rates when presenting a dental treatment plan. Using discounts to persuade patients to accept treatment could […]

Ideas for community outreach

Community outreach is a great way to market your dental practice in a way that gives back to the local community while improving your image in the eyes of potential patients. Here are a few outreach ideas to get you started. Choose a cause and volunteer There’s a simple way to get every member of […]

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Helping parents to get kids to floss

Most parents do a good job of teaching their children how to brush properly, but flossing is more challenging. Here are a few tips you can give parents to help them raise a flosser. Start the learning process early Children can typically begin flossing their own teeth from the age of seven, but the time […]

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Minimizing the effects of inflation on your practice

With the upheaval of the pandemic now largely in the rearview mirror, dental practice owners have a new challenge to deal with–higher than average inflation. Here are some tips for navigating this tricky economic situation. Increase production to offset the cost of staffing The labor supply is tight across all healthcare industries, including dentistry. This […]

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Tips for driving more patient referrals

In a field like dentistry, where trust is such a big part of the buying decision, referrals are a critical part of the marketing mix. Here are a few strategies to get your patients talking about your practice to friends, family and coworkers. Show them a sign Hanging a sign near the front desk to […]

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Dentistry trends

Dentistry is evolving every day. To stay competitive, you’ve got to keep a keen eye on what’s trending across the industry. Here are some industry trends. Comfort and convenience The rise of clinical choice and patient expectations will continue to put an emphasis on customer service. Moving forward, patients will presume doctor skill and excellent […]

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Building a happy team

Building a team that is happy at work leads to happy patients and better patient care. Here are six things you can do to improve workplace satisfaction at your practice. 1. Invest time and energy into onboarding When you hire someone new, it’s usually because you were short-staffed, so getting them up to speed quickly […]