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Five SEO tips for a practice website

Boosting your online visibility is a great way to get new patients in the door. Here are five SEO tips that can drive more organic traffic to your page.

1.   Add your location to the practice name or tagline

All physical businesses rely on local SEO to drive traffic to their website. For local searches to work well for you, you can add the name of your location to your practice name or tagline. If someone searches for “best dentist in Paramus”, it makes sense that “Paramus Dentistry” would rank higher than “Bright Smiles”. Of course, changing the name of an established practice for SEO reasons would be an extreme measure. So, what you can do instead is integrate this concept into your tagline. For example:

  • [The name of your practice] – Paramus, NJ cosmetic dentistry
  • [The name of your practice] – Your Paramus dentist

2.   Complete every section of your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is a free opportunity to tell Google what it needs to know about your practice.

3.   Collect reviews

Reviews help boost your search ranking. Google reviews are especially important to ranking in Google’s search engine.

4.   Add content regularly

Upload at least one new piece of content, like a blog post, per month. This signals to search engines that your website is active and up to date and gives you new opportunities to add keywords to your page.

5.   Keep an eye on user experience

If your website is outdated, is not mobile friendly, or is difficult to navigate, visitors will hit the back button soon after landing on your page. These quick “bounces” are negative for SEO, as it signals to Google that “this website doesn’t offer what people using that search string are looking for.” Your website therefore needs to keep users interested and engaged, which implies it has some interesting content.

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