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How Does Facial Bone Contouring Work?

Whether a patient is looking to achieve facial balance and harmony, highlight a positive element or downplay one, the beauty of facial contouring compared to other surgeries is that small alterations can lead to big results. If you’re considering reinventing your profile, it’s a good idea to first familiarize yourself with how facial bone contouring […]

Using lasers to grow your practice

You understand the importance of staying up-to-date on dental technology but also need to watch the bottom line. Upgrading the right technologies means finding those that grow your practice and therefore increase profits. Investing in dental lasers can do just that. The laser difference CAD/CAM systems, digital X-ray and Cone Beam technologies all improve the […]

Small, medium & large: A simple guide to bone grafts

Oral surgical procedures such as dental implants make it possible to restore one or all of a patient’s missing teeth in just one day. However, not everyone is an immediate candidate for this type of restorative solution. In cases where patients have experienced major bone loss, grafts must be completed first in order to strengthen […]

Is your dental practice mobile-friendly?

Take a peek into your dental practice’s waiting room and you’re sure to see a picture quite different than just 10 short years ago. Instead of anxious children running about or tugging on mom’s arm while she tries to read a magazine, there’s a quiet room of people staring into their electronic devices. Cell phones […]

How to decrease the risk of oral cancer

While no cancer is 100% preventable, there are a number of precautionary measures you can take to lower your personal risk of oral cancer. Eliminate tobacco consumption It’s no secret that smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to cancer. Approximately 75% of all oral cancer patients over the age of 50 are tobacco users. Habitual […]

When to consider an All-on-4 for patients

All-on-4TM full arch dental implant therapy often provides the ultimate solution for sufferers of severe tooth loss or damage. Whether tooth loss is due to gum disease, improper dental hygiene or facial trauma, The All-on-4 TM procedure can restore a patient’s smile in just one day. But as a dentist, when should you recommend All-on-4 […]

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FAQs: Wisdom Teeth

Patients always wonder why it is recommended that they get their wisdom teeth extracted, or why they even have wisdom teeth in the first place! We always want our patients to be in the know and have all of their questions answered. It is important to understand the benefits of having your wisdom teeth extracted. […]

How to lower exposure to radiation in your practice

While it’s impossible to completely avoid radiation exposure in a dental practice, decreasing the risk for patients and staff should always be part of your dental radiography protocol. Any radiation reduction methodology that can be practiced without major difficulty, expense or inconvenience, should be implemented. Weighing the benefits Maintaining a level of patient exposure that […]