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What is oral pathology?

Oral pathology is a dental specialization that deals with diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the mouth, oral cavity and jaw. Signs you may need to see an oral pathologist Many signs of oral diseases or disorders can first be seen during a self-examination at home. If you have been experiencing hoarseness, difficulty chewing […]

Six easy self-care strategies for dentists

With all the challenges facing the dental industry right now, you might find that you’re under more strain at work than usual. Here are six simple ideas to help you manage stress and take good care of yourself. 1.    Develop healthy habits It’s one thing to say you understand the importance of diet and exercise […]

Common causes of tooth loss and solutions

Losing a tooth can affect your self-confidence and your ability to chew, speak, and smile as you used to. In this post, we’ll cover five common causes of tooth loss and give you some ideas for how you can protect your teeth. If you have lost one or more teeth, don’t worry. Several options for […]

What are impacted cuspids?

Impacted or “stuck” teeth are teeth that cannot fully erupt through your gums due to a lack of space in your mouth. The most common teeth to become impacted are your third molars, or wisdom teeth. The next most common are your cuspids aka “canine or I teeth”, which are located on the corners of […]

Tips for work/life balance

Dentistry can be demanding, with the potential for emergency call-ins, long hours and other disruptions, especially when you run your own practice. Here are six tips to make sure success at the office doesn’t affect happiness at home. Discuss your goals with your family Hard conversations get harder when you don’t have them. It’s best […]