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All-on-4®- The Revolutionary Same Day Dental Implants Procedure

All on Four Dental Implants Give You A Full Set of Teeth In One Day

When you don’t feel confident about your smile, it shows. Or, more accurately, it doesn’t. 

If you’ve been hiding your smile due to missing teeth, it’s time to consider All-on-4® dental implants. While traditional implants are ideal for replacing a missing tooth or two, All-on-4® implants can give you a full set of teeth in just one day.

All-on-4® is a revolutionary dental implant concept that has been helping those without natural teeth for more than 30 years. Instead of replacing each tooth individually—a process that requires multiple surgeries with long recovery times in between—All-on-4® implants a full arch of upper or lower teeth, securing your new smile with just four titanium inserts in each jaw.

Our oral surgeons, voted Top Doctors in New Jersey, spent years training with Dr. Paulo Malo, creator of the All-on-4® concept, and are now leading experts in the procedure, extending their knowledge by educating colleagues across the country. They have a long-standing history of success performing All-on-4® denture implant surgery in NJ, restoring our patients’ beautiful smiles and helping them regain confidence.

Fitting an All-on-4® implant typically takes less than a day, and only one surgery is needed. Most patients don’t even need the bone grafts that are common with traditional implants, as the All-on-4® attachments can be angled to find the most secure points in your jaw bone. Just imagine yourself posing for photos and laughing with your friends and family while confidently showing off your beautiful new smile. It’s possible with this same day procedure!

Are There Any Downsides to All-on-4® Dental Implants?

Surgery is a necessity for all dental implants, including All-on-4®. Depending on the patient’s health and history, this is likely the most significant consideration related to the procedure. Anesthesia is needed, and any remaining teeth will be removed before the implant is placed.

Patients can expect to be sore for several days afterward. With a tender jaw and gums, you’ll want to stick to soft foods for a while, and over-the-counter or prescription medications can help with pain management. The good news is that recovery from All-on-4® denture implants typically doesn’t take very long. While it’s different for each patient, many patients are back to their normal self within a week.

Once you’ve healed, these same day dental implants can be treated essentially as your natural teeth, but better. Yes, you still have to brush them, and you may find that talking and chewing feel a little bit different than they used to—that’s normal. With time and practice, you’ll be back to your chatty self and enjoying all your favorite foods, even some you might have been avoiding.

Do All-on-4® Dental Implants Look Like Natural Teeth?

One of the benefits of All-on-4® treatment is that they are carefully designed to look like natural teeth—and you don’t have to worry about one or two teeth that don’t quite match the rest.

These implants are custom-made for the person who will wear them, right down to the shape and color of the prosthetic teeth. There is a range of prosthetic materials available, and your surgeon will help you choose the solution that best suits your budget, lifestyle, and desired look.

Our NJ oral surgeons are considered front runners in the same day procedure. All of our past All-on-4® patients have walked out of our office after surgery with an incredible smile, and you wouldn’t know the teeth weren’t real if you hadn’t been in the operating room just a few minutes earlier. 

Does Food Get Stuck Under All-on-4® Implants?

No matter how much glue is used to secure removable dentures, they’re going to shift. All-on-4® implants, in contrast, are securely attached to the jaw bone. They’re not going anywhere, and there’s no space for food or anything else to sneak in either.

That means you don’t have to worry about your teeth slipping, the irritation and soreness that comes from dentures rubbing your gums, or the embarrassing bad breath that comes from food caught between your teeth and gums. With All-on-4®, you can kiss all of those issues goodbye.

Get All of Your All-on-4® Implant Questions Answered by Our Expert Oral Surgeons in NJ

With our expertise and experience in All-on-4® dental implants, the Bergen Oral Surgery team is available and ready to answer all of your questions. We’ll walk you through the implant process, talk through any concerns you have, and take a look at the costs to get you the beautiful, confident smile you deserve.

Don’t wait. With four offices in North Jersey, we conveniently serve NJ and NY patients. Contact one of our four locations and make an appointment with our team, the best oral surgeons in NJ.

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