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5 benefits of removing your wisdom teeth

Here are five benefits to removing your wisdom teeth before a problem arises.

1. Less crowding lowers the risk of future orthodontic issues

When wisdom teeth erupt from the gums and grow into your mouth, other teeth can be gradually be pushed out of the way. Misalignment can lead to the need for braces or other orthodontic treatment. Removing wisdom teeth before they come in eliminates the risk of overcrowding.

2. Prevent damage to adjacent teeth

Adding a new row of teeth to your mouth can put pressure on other teeth. This pressure can grind the enamel or even loosen the roots of adjacent teeth, potentially leading to cavities or bone loss.

3. Prevent discomfort

Pressure on your teeth can cause headaches or other oral issues such as sensitive gums or teeth. Sensitive teeth can affect the types of foods you can comfortably eat. Wisdom tooth extraction leaves space in your jawbone for your current teeth to stay where they are, without any unnecessary pressure put on them by the arrival of extra teeth.

4. Wisdom teeth can be difficult to reach and clean

Brushing and flossing wisdom teeth can be challenging due to their location at the back of your mouth. Even if your wisdom teeth grow in without issues, you could experience cavities and other oral health concerns if you are unable to keep your wisdom teeth clean.

5. Lower your risk of other oral disease

As wisdom teeth erupt, issues can arise if there is trouble with them growing into place. Partially impacted or slow to emerge wisdom teeth can cause bacterial infections, cavities or inflammation of the gums.

Speak with your dentist about whether preventative extraction for your wisdom teeth is right for you. Only after looking at x-rays and examining your mouth can a dental professional make a recommendation on wisdom teeth removal.