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Understanding dry socket

Tooth extractions are common procedures and the vast majority of patients experience straightforward and easy recoveries. After your extraction, your oral surgeon will make several recommendations to help prevent dry socket in the space where your tooth was located. In this post, we’ll explain what dry socket is, how to avoid it, and what to […]

How to prevent an oral health emergency

Accidents happen, but you can do a lot to prevent serious dental emergencies such as knocked-out teeth, fractured jaw bones or facial lacerations. Follow these simple precautions to protect yourself against oral health emergencies. Wear a mouthguard for sports Mouthguards are a relatively inexpensive way to protect your teeth, tongue, mouth and cheek from damage […]

Bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction

Bleeding after a wisdom tooth extraction is a common and natural occurrence. Follow these simple guidelines to help control postop bleeding and to know whether your level of bleeding is normal or a cause for concern. Some bleeding is part of the healing process A certain level of blood flow is required for your mouth […]

Why did my dentist send me to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction?

Most simple tooth extractions can be performed by your dentist but there are a number of situations where specialist knowledge, experience and care is required. If your dentist has referred you to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction, it’s probably for one of the following reasons. Your tooth is impacted Extracting an impacted tooth […]

What to do in the event of an oral emergency

For many oral emergencies, prompt care is vital for achieving the best treatment results. Don’t hesitate to contact your dentist or oral surgeon’s helpline to discuss your situation Knocked out tooth If an adult tooth is knocked out completely, try to carefully place the tooth back into the socket and seek help immediately. If you […]

Understanding the process of getting an implant

If you’ve been considering getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, you might be curious about the process. Here’s what you can expect to get your smile back again! Initial consultation and examination The first step is to schedule an appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for an implant. During […]

What is a surgical extraction?

There are many reasons why your dentist or oral surgeon might recommend a tooth extraction, for both medical and cosmetic results. In this post, we’ll explain how a surgical extraction works and what you can expect from the procedure. Simple versus surgical extraction When the tooth that needs to be removed is fully exposed in […]

Six things to avoid after oral surgery

Speed up your postop recovery time by avoiding these problem areas. 1. Do not apply heat directly to your face Some patients make the mistake of applying both heat and ice to aid healing and alleviate discomfort following oral surgery. After your procedure, you should be using ice only, applied in intervals of 15 minutes […]

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is a category of dental surgery that deals with treating the structures that support and surround the base of the tooth, including the gums, bone and mucous lining of the mouth. Who needs periodontal surgery? Periodontal surgery may be necessary or recommended for both clinical and esthetic reasons. When gum tissue covers too […]

Restoring oral function after facial trauma

From auto accidents to sporting mishaps, facial trauma can happen when you least expect it. Injuries can damage bone, muscles, tendons, gums and other soft tissue of the face, potentially leading to a compromise of oral function. If you or a loved one has suffered facial trauma, here are some steps you need to take […]