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Does your dental practice need a blog?

You might’ve heard that launching a blog can increase your search engine ranking, drive organic traffic to your page and improve your social reach through content marketing.

Building a library of blog posts can be a great way to contribute to your long-term marketing success.

Educate your patients

As a dentist you have plenty of knowledge to share with your patients, but it might not stick if you’re telling your patient while they’re in the chair. Putting your knowledge on a blog gives your patients a place to easily access this information. A well-informed patient can take better care of their teeth and may be more likely to accept your recommended treatments.

Express your personality

Chairside manner is important, but there’s only so much time for talk when you’re in the operatory. Your blog is a great place to showcase who you are as a person and let your patients see a different side of you.

Not every post needs to be about brushing, flossing or filling cavities. You can write about how your practice stays involved with the community, a funny story or even your hobbies in general.  A blog can help nurture patient relationships. Strong patient relationships can lead to loyalty, referrals and fewer missed appointments.

Build trust and credibility

Establish yourself as an expert in your field and patients are more likely to follow your advice and treatment recommendations.

Keep patients in the loop

Your blog is an effective place to inform patients of special events, promotions or other happenings. From hosting a charity event to introducing the new hygienist you just hired, your blog can help keep patients up-to-date.