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Ideas for community outreach

Community outreach is a great way to market your dental practice in a way that gives back to the local community while improving your image in the eyes of potential patients. Here are a few outreach ideas to get you started.

Choose a cause and volunteer

There’s a simple way to get every member of your team involved in your community outreach project. Once a year, close the office on a workday and send everyone (including yourself) to a specific volunteer project.

Sponsor an event, project or organization

Too busy to volunteer? There are plenty of opportunities to do community outreach by writing a check. From sponsoring a local Little League team to fun runs and more, charity events are always looking for businesses willing to be sponsors.

Start a scholarship for local students

Setting up an annual scholarship for your local high school is a lot easier than it sounds. Speak to the career center at the school and they’ll guide you through the process.

Donate to schools in need of equipment

From new playground equipment to a new computer for the library, there are countless ways to make a real impact at a local school.

Let patients choose the cause

Consider running a donation campaign where your patients recommend their favorite charities and then vote on which project or organization gets the donation.

Start an internship program

Partnering with a local community college or high school to create an internship program at your practice is a great way to share your passion for dentistry with the dental care professionals of tomorrow.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

Joining the Chamber of Commerce not only connects you to the business leaders of your community but also opens up new outreach opportunities.

Incentivize your team to get involved on their own

Supporting your employees in their own individual outreach efforts is great for morale and puts resources into the hands of people who are already passionate about the cause they’re working to support. From setting up a matching donation to allowing employees to earn additional PTO by volunteering, there are multiple ways to incentivize your staff to get involved in your community.