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Is there such a thing as too much tech?

Today’s technology can help you provide more advanced treatment to your patients and assist you in managing staff, tracking appointments, organizing your financials and more. But too much tech has the potential to overwhelm your staff and create problems.

In this post, we’ll share three simple guidelines for figuring out the optimal level of technology for your practice.

Where do you sit on the technology spectrum?

Some dental practices are behind the curve and missing out on the benefits that technology can bring, some get it just right, and some are over reliant on the latest tools. To make sure your office uses technology appropriately, consider the following points.

Is the technology fixing a problem?

Imagine that you plan to stop using the technology in question starting tomorrow, and make a list of all the potential problems that could arise. If you can’t come up with any, this is a good sign that the system may be unnecessary.

Does the technology help my practice grow? 

Another question to ask is, “Does this technology help my practice grow?” From filling cancellations to attracting new patients and expanding your offerings, make sure the technology can be tracked to at least one growth metric.

Is the technology used by all my staff?

Technology is most effective when everyone on your team knows how to use it. If a particular tool is barely used, decide whether or not, it’s worth keeping.

An annual tech checkup

Paying for technology you don’t use, or use sparingly, can be a waste of money and a possible cause of stress for team members. Consider carrying out an annual tech check, to see what is working for you and eliminate anything that is not.