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Making your dental practice unique

Patients have many options when it comes to choosing a dentist.

Make your dental practice unique and positive results will follow. Consider the following strategies to get the job done.

Top-notch care plus

It goes without saying that your quality of care needs to be top-notch but providing top-of-the-line care won’t necessarily generate much buzz. Some of the things that differentiate your practice in the minds of your patients may well take place outside of the operatory.

The patient experience

The whole patient experience is important.

Start with the waiting room and make it someplace you’d want to hang out even if you didn’t have to be there. Comfy seats and the best coffee can make a difference. Warm chocolate chip cookies can be a winner–even if they are bad for your teeth.

Entertain the little kids (and big kids, too)

A public WiFi connection in the waiting room is no longer much of a bonus. It’s more likely patients will be disappointed if you don’t have. Additional technology though can impress. A few tablets packed with children’s games and a large television can have a big payoff. Consider providing headphones so that those who prefer to relax and read in quiet can do so.

Think outside the box

Patients respond positively to concepts not at all associated with a trip to the dentist. Some practices have created buzz by giving away a flat screen TV or an iPhone. Anyone who successfully refers a new patient is entered into a raffle and one lucky patient goes home with an exciting new piece of tech.

Invest in branding

Just like any other business, branding matters. You can develop a cohesive color scheme and use it in all media. Color and graphic design can be powerful tools.

Your marketing is not just about earning new patients in the short-term but also getting people to talk about your dental practice. Anything you can do to create a truly memorable patient experience has the potential to convert into a steady flow of referrals.