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Practice marketing videos worth having

A woman presenting to a video camera

If you’re new to video marketing, here are some ideas to get you started.


Think about all the different oral health skills you teach patients every day. How to brush and floss properly. How to clean dentures. How to care for Invisalign or other dental appliances. How to brush your baby’s teeth. These are all good topics for videos.

Meet a team member

Team member highlight videos are fast and easy to produce and can make a real impact on convincing a prospective patient to give your practice a try. Topics to cover include the team member’s unique skills, their professional experience, why they chose their profession, why they love working at your practice, and something personal relating to their life outside of the office.

The office tour

A quality office tour can check off several boxes on a prospective patient’s wish list:

  • What are the surroundings like?
  • How new is the equipment?
  • Are the people friendly?
  • What is the waiting room like?
  • Does the operatory look comfortable?

Answering these questions in advance is especially helpful for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Patient testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the most compelling tools your practice can utilize to effectively generate social proof. To maximize impact, ask patients to walk viewers through their full decision-making and treatment process. What problem did they have? Why did they choose your practice? What was the experience like? What were the benefits or value received in choosing your practice? What advice would they give to other people facing a similar oral health concern?


Understanding a dental procedure helps patients feel more comfortable about accepting your treatment proposal. Instead of delving into the unknown, watching a procedural video can show them exactly what to expect once they get in the chair. You can explain both the step-by-step rundown of the procedure and also the long-term benefits to the patient for choosing the treatment.

Repurpose content

Once you have built a small library of practice marketing videos, cross-post content across different channels, or repost the same video every three to four months. Repurposing content can save you a lot of time while improving patient education and reinforcing your practice’s brand.