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Taking care of your replacement teeth

a pink tooth brush under running water from a bathroom faucet

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, choosing dental implant treatment can bring back your original smile and confidence. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your new teeth in great shape for years to come.

Practice good oral hygiene

As with your natural teeth, brushing and flossing your replacement teeth regularly is the best way to keep your mouth healthy. Brushing and flossing protects your gums from infection.

Avoid extra hard or sticky foods

One of the advantages of dental implants over other tooth restoration systems is the ability to eat your favorite foods again but some foods can be risky for your implant and natural teeth, too, for example, avoid chewing on ice or hard candy that is meant to be sucked.

Stay away from tobacco

Tobacco usage is a cause of dental implant failure. Not only does tobacco stain your new tooth, it also restricts blood flow to your gums, which inhibits your mouth’s ability to heal.

Get regular checkups and cleanings

Just like your natural teeth, replacement crowns require professional cleaning. Stay diligent with bi-annual checkups, not just for hygiene but also to give your dentist an opportunity to keep an eye on your dental implants.

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