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Tips for dental social media photography

Creating authentic content for your practice’s social media pages doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for making impromptu shots taken with your smartphone look great.

Light and bright

Keep the mood positive and cheery by only posting photos taken in well-lit areas. Natural light is best but artificial lighting is fine as long as your light sources are located in front of your subject.

Keep the area clean

The camera picks up dust, smudges, water stains, and other unsightly blemishes patients might miss with the naked eye. Wipe down surfaces and clean windows, mirrors, and glass before you plan a photoshoot.

One quarter turn

Have your subjects turn their shoulders a little bit to the right or left to add depth and look more natural.

Action shots

Showcase team members interacting with patients, either in real situations or scenarios set up to look as real as possible. Always ask patients in advance before taking their photo or posting it on the internet.

Set your camera to the highest resolution

Images can always be reduced or cropped later, but you can’t make a photo crisper or clearer if you save the original on a low resolution.

Digital photos are free–take lots of them

You don’t have to use every photo you take, but you can’t use any photos that you don’t take. Always err on the side of taking more photos than you think you’ll need. Try different angles, different lighting, zoom in, zoom out–you can always delete the files you don’t want.

Start with the basics

Here are some basic shots you will probably need to showcase your practice:

  • Staff headshots
  • Doctors
  • Group shot of your full team
  • Group shots from different departments
  • The exterior of your office
  • Your waiting room (use a wide angle and take the photo with patients in the room)
  • Front desk
  • Amenities, including TV, coffee bar, play area, etc.
  • Mock exam in the operatory
  • Whole room shots of other office areas

Have fun with it

Social media is supposed to be fun and engaging. So have fun with the photos you take for your page. You and your team are real people. It’s ok to show your humanness to your patients.