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Writing an effective “about us” page

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Did you know the about us page is one of the most visited pages on a practice’s website? Here is a simple guide to writing an “about us” page that converts website visitors into appointments.

Be yourself

The tone of your “about us” page should portray who you are as a person. Your “about us” page is part professional bio, but patients also want to get to know.

Include your mission and values

More than ever, patients seek medical practitioners who share their values. Concisely state the mission and values of your practice and what goals you hope to accomplish in the community. Showing that your vision aligns with the needs of your patients makes a great first impression.

Tell your story

Part of gaining the trust of your patients is helping them to understand your “why.” Why did you become a dentist? Why did you decide to start your own practice? Why is this the right career for you? Write the story of your practice the same way you would tell a friend. Cover your journey from start to finish. How your practice has changed, grown or pivoted over the years. Share the inspiration behind your practice goals and reveal the moment when you realized what makes your practice special.

Speak to your target audience

Make it easy for visitors to your website to determine if your services align with their needs. Be clear about the geographic region you serve and the types of dental services you focus on. As you review your “about us” page, ask yourself, “Does it sound like I am talking to a prospective patient or another dentist?” If you answer the latter, you will need to make some edits.

Talk about your team

Describe your practice culture and the shared values of your team. Include professional and friendly photos.

Keep it readable

Do your best to avoid long sentences and large blocks of text. It’s OK to include a lot of information on your “about us” page, but make it scannable, with easy-to-identify sub-headlines.