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Understanding dry socket

Tooth extractions are common procedures and the vast majority of patients experience straightforward and easy recoveries. After your extraction, your oral surgeon will make several recommendations to help prevent dry socket in the space where your tooth was located. In this post, we’ll explain what dry socket is, how to avoid it, and what to […]

How to prevent an oral health emergency

Accidents happen, but you can do a lot to prevent serious dental emergencies such as knocked-out teeth, fractured jaw bones or facial lacerations. Follow these simple precautions to protect yourself against oral health emergencies. Wear a mouthguard for sports Mouthguards are a relatively inexpensive way to protect your teeth, tongue, mouth and cheek from damage […]

3 tips for maximizing your Facebook marketing

Here are three tips for using Facebook that can help you optimize your social media marketing campaigns. 1. Don’t rely solely on organic posts If you’re hoping to rely on free social media exposure and avoid paying for any advertising, you’re likely in for a disappointment. While there may have been a time when this […]

How to search for a new dental job

Are you relocating to a new area, hoping to find a practice that better suits your preferred work culture, looking for more money or shifting into a part-time role? Here are some tips to help you land in the perfect office to advance your career goals. Define what you’re looking for Make a list of […]

Bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction

Bleeding after a wisdom tooth extraction is a common and natural occurrence. Follow these simple guidelines to help control postop bleeding and to know whether your level of bleeding is normal or a cause for concern. Some bleeding is part of the healing process A certain level of blood flow is required for your mouth […]

Simple tips for more engaging content on social media

Do your social media pages need more likes, shares, and comments? You may be able post more engaging content for your audience. Here are some easy ways to start posting content your followers will be more likely to interact with. Know your patients The first step towards more engaging content is to map out a […]