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3 tips for maximizing your Facebook marketing

Here are three tips for using Facebook that can help you optimize your social media marketing campaigns.

1. Don’t rely solely on organic posts

If you’re hoping to rely on free social media exposure and avoid paying for any advertising, you’re likely in for a disappointment. While there may have been a time when this was possible, today you’ve got to pay to play.

That isn’t to say you have to pay to advertise through Facebook–just that an organic only campaign will be highly unlikely to attract a large influx of new patients to your practice. On average, business pages on Facebook see approximately 2% reach on most content and a max around 10% on popular posts.

2. Use images and video extensively

Using images and video to expand reach on Facebook is really important. Posts with images garner 200%+ more engagement compared to text-only posts, and videos do even better. If you’re serious about getting your content in front of eyeballs, you need to include photo/video, photo albums, photo carousel, slideshow, and instant experiences in your social media campaign.

3. Use Facebook in combination with your website

Facebook can be an excellent platform for encouraging and advancing patient education, reinforcing your brand, building rapport and loyalty by showcasing your personality and community outreach, keeping dentistry at the front of your patients’ mind, reminding your patient base to schedule cleanings and sharing special promotions with your followers.

Facebook is not great for driving new patients to schedule an appointment. Instead of trying to get patients to contact you via Facebook, use the platform as an attention getter and then funnel visitors over to your practice website to get them scheduled.