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A smiling young woman who may need a dental implants

Can young adults get dental implants?

Whether it be from a sports incident or an extraction, patients of all ages can find themselves missing a tooth. If a young adult in your family is missing a tooth and considering an implant as a tooth replacement solution, you might be asking yourself what the minimum age is for the procedure. Candidacy isn’t […]

Patients sitting in chairs in a waiting room

Understanding why some patients leave

While a certain percentage of patients have simply moved out of the area, the average dental practice still loses 5-10% of its base every year for other reasons. Understanding what these reasons are can help put strategies in place to lower the attrition rate. Decided to switch to a more convenient dentist Patients will often […]

A smiling dentist in scrubs sitting in an operatory

Tips for transitioning into a new practice

Taking over an existing dental practice can present challenges for everyone involved, including the doctor, staff and patients. Consider the following to make your transition as smooth as possible. Selling your existing practice If the purchase of your new practice involves the sale of your current one, it’s always best to resolve issues at your […]

Smiling old man ready for his wisdom teeth to be extracted

Am I too old for wisdom tooth extraction?

Generally speaking, a patient is never too old for wisdom tooth extraction. However, there are advantages to having your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age. Three reasons why early extraction is better During your late teens and early twenties, the roots of your wisdom teeth have not yet had time to fully form. Extracting […]

Smiling older woman

Are you ready for a new smile?

Your smile is a big part of your physical appearance in any social situation. From work meetings to parties to family gatherings, your smile is part of who you are. Your smile is important, and there’s nothing vain about wanting to repair it when an accident or oral health issue causes you to lose one […]

Investing in ongoing professional development

Whether it’s for you or another member of your team, continued education and ongoing professional development are important for staying current with the dental industry’s newest developments. From conferences to webinars, workshops, and dedicated coursework, finding ways to develop you and your team is usually money well invested. Technology and demographics are always changing. In […]

a woman running calculations to determine cashflow

Improving cash flow at your practice

Watching the money flowing in and out of your practice each month is vital to ensuring you have cash on hand to cover payroll, rent, supplies, utilities, and other expenses. If mismanaged, cash flow issues can cause serious financial problems at even the most profitable of practices. Here are a few strategies you can implement […]