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5 tips for bringing new staff on board

As a dentist and business owner, your success relies heavily on your ability to hire and train competent employees.

Here are five simple steps that will help you get new staff up to speed quickly.

1. Invest in the hiring process

Finding qualified applicants in the dental industry requires you to meticulously craft job posts, place ads, scour dozens of resumes and conduct a barrage of personal interviews. Finally you should run a background check on every new hire before making a formal offer.

2. Develop a new hire packet

Even the smallest practice needs a new hire packet. It should cover elements like:

  • All necessary employment forms
  • Office policies
  • Standard operating procedures
  • A training schedule outline

Provide the new hire packet at least a few days before the new team member’s start date. Starting a new job can be nerve wracking and knowing what to expect ahead of time can boost confidence.

3. Prepare your team

Onboarding staff is a team effort. Even highly experienced candidates need a mentor to show them the particulars of your practice. Inform your team well in advance that you will be adding a new employee and understand that showing the new hire around takes time away from their other duties. Try to schedule your patient load accordingly.

4. Supervise and coach

Depending on their role and experience, new hires may need to have all new tasks supervised three to five times before left to complete the job on their own. During the supervision period, don’t be afraid to correct even small errors. You’re better off nipping minor mistakes in the bud rather than allowing them to develop into bad habits.

5. Have a great first day

First impressions are very important. Put forth the extra effort to ensure every new hire’s first day at the office is a great one. Feeling welcome from the get-go is the perfect start to a long working relationship.