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Five tips for finding the right oral surgeon for dental implants

Patients interested in replacing missing teeth with dental implants have many options. But how do you choose the best professional for your needs?

Do your due diligence

Take the time to research your options and read real patient reviews. Start by looking into oral surgeons located near your home but don’t be afraid to expand your research radius if you’re unhappy with the results. For more advanced dental care, it’s well worth going a bit out of your way.

Ask about financing options

Some oral surgery practices run specials on dental implants but it’s not a good idea to buy on price alone. If you’re worried about how you’ll pay for your dental implants, share this information with your oral surgeon. Financing options may be available to help make your dental care more manageable. You can also ask about third-party financiers. Many oral surgeons partner with lenders to offer low interest rates to their patients. It can often be cheaper to finance through your doctor’s affiliate than with your own personal bank.

Ask about dental insurance coverage

While dental implants may not be covered by insurance, other aspects of your treatment plan may be. Share your dental plan with your care provider to see if there are ways to use your coverage to cut costs.

Consider getting a second opinion

It’s fine to get a second opinion even if you’ve known your dentist for years and trust their recommendations. A second opinion can sometimes confirm that the first oral surgeon you met with was the right doctor for you. When comparing practices, be sure to look at dimensions beyond price, including treatment planning and diagnosis. Chairside manner and the ability to help you feel calm and confident about your treatment and recovery go a long way towards a positive experience.

Trust your gut

For the best results, a patient and oral surgeon must work together as a team. If a doctor doesn’t feel right, continue your search.

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