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How to use automation in patient engagement

Patient engagement is important to the success of any dental practice, but as a busy professional, you don’t have time to personally connect with all of your patients all of the time. Here are five ideas for using for automation to assist with patient engagement.

1.   Automated emails

Automated emails make it easier for your practice to create and send timely, customized emails that provide valuable information to both prospective and current patients—from appointment reminders or prompts to schedule a checkup, to more in-depth educational content.

2.   Social media management

Building a social media campaign for your dental practice in 2022 is easier than ever. While you can’t automate content creation, many software solutions exist to easily program and share your posts across multiple platforms. Modern social media management tools can not only automate posts but monitor activity and even respond automatically to some user inquiries.

3.   Automated appointment reminders

Appointment reminders are a critical tool for eliminating no-shows, reducing cancellations and giving front end staff sufficient time to backfill late openings. These days, most patients prefer a text message over other types of communications. An appointment reminder software solution can not only send messages but allow patients to answer back with a simple yes or no, in turn notifying your team when an appointment may be missed.

4.   Chatbot on your website

A chatbot can provide 24-7 assistance to your patients in real time. Chatbots can answer FAQs and collect information from patients. They can also be programmed with a “speak with a member of our team” option that connects a patient to a one of your staff during opening hours.

5.   Surveys and patient feedback

Providing ample opportunities for patients to share their experience and feel heard is a great way to boost engagement, rectify issues and keep on doing the things you know your patients love. Sending out periodic surveys or requesting feedback following an appointment shows patients you value their thoughts and needs.

Implementing an effective automated patient engagement strategy is one of the easiest ways to consistently build stronger relationships with your patients. While automated communication should never be a replacement for being accessible, it can be a great tool for serving certain patient needs in a timely manner.