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Keeping team morale high at your practice

A happy team member contributing to the oral surgery office's morale

Here some ideas for boosting team engagement and improving job satisfaction at your practice.

Position your mission and vision as a driving force

If designed and presented correctly, your mission, vision and values can set the stage for team building and collaboration. Share your goals at every opportunity. From team meetings to one-on-ones, to physically posting printed versions on the wall, the more every decision in your practice is based on your mission, vision and values, the better.

Be someone employees can trust

Transparency, honesty and follow-through are great ways to show your team you have their best interests at heart.

Incentivize outstanding performance

Providing rewards and recognition for going above and beyond is a great motivator for pushing other team members to excel. Few people will continue to go the extra mile if they feel their efforts have gone unnoticed by management.

Back your team

Ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment is vital for maintaining high morale. Do not allow abusive patients, vendors or other outside forces to negatively impact your practice’s work environment.

Support career growth

Investing in professional development is a great way to show employees you value their contribution, believe in them, and care about their career advancement. Actively meet one-on-one with every staff member at least once a year to discuss their personal career goals and chart a path to help them get there.

Consider purchasing employee engagement software

Highly intuitive tools now exist to help organizations of all sizes better manage employee engagement. Common software features include the gamification of KPI tracking, automated employee recognition, health & wellness programs, employee feedback tools, surveys and online benefits.