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Leveraging promotions and discounts at your practice

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How can you use price reductions and promotions to market your practice? Here are a few tips to get it right.

Don’t discount regular treatments

Treatments should be matched with set prices and then calculated based on these predetermined rates when presenting a dental treatment plan. Using discounts to persuade patients to accept treatment could be detrimental to your brand. Increase case acceptance by improving your ability to showcase oral health benefits.

Stick to introductory offers

Offering discounted cleanings, checkups and screenings for new patients is a good strategy. Benefits of introductory offers include:

  • Good source of new referrals
  • Effective way to get current patients you haven’t seen in a while to schedule an appointment
  • Hygiene appointments are one of the top drivers of restorative/cosmetic treatments

Implement a referral bonus program

Another sensible blueprint for success is to incentivize current patients to provide referrals. New patients are the lifeblood of any practice, making the return on this type of discount mutually beneficial.

Start a membership plan

Membership plans can drive loyalty, boost preventative care and lead to additional restorative/cosmetic treatments by way of increased checkups/cleanings. They can be a win-win for both patients and the practice. Read this post for more information on how to implement a membership plan.

Assisting patients who turn down treatment due to finances

Offering a variety of in-house or third-party financing options is a good idea. Fair and attractive payment plans make it easier for patients to maintain good oral health.

What is the real ROI?

Before running any discount, take the time to calculate an honest estimate of how the lower margin will affect ROI. Sometimes the cost of running a promotion outweighs the benefits.

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